“Old Woman Trying to Act Like Young Girls,” Demi Moore’s See-Through Dress Sparks a Stir

3 weeks ago

Demi Moore rocked some amazing outfits at the Cannes Film Festival, but her slinky silver gown stole the spotlight. However, not everyone was thrilled that the dress had a nude breast section, sparking some heated comments from users.

Demi Moore, the 61-year-old actress known for Ghost, stunned at the AmfAR Cinema Against Aids Gala in her second outfit of the night. Her dazzling dress, with its floor-length style, plunging neckline, and subtle mesh details, radiated glamour.

Pairing it with silver platform heels, Demi added sparkle with diamond drop earrings and a matching pendant necklace. Her trademark sleek, straight hair flowed down to her waist, completing her effortlessly chic look.

However, despite gracefully wearing the dress, some were critical of the nude see-through part covering her breasts. Speculation also arose about whether she had breast implants.

Alongside many compliments, there were comments such as, “This look makes you look old. Or should I say your age. The hair needs a trim, and your chest should be covered.” Another comment suggested, “Old women trying to act like young girls, plastic surgery,” implying she might be overdoing it to appear younger, which received backlash.

Another user simply wrote “Implants,” suggesting Demi might have had her breasts done, while another bluntly said, “Time to start eating again, Demi.” However, amidst the speculation, Demi was flooded with compliments from those who appreciated her grace and style in wearing this dress at her age.

In another post, opinions were divided on Demi’s hair, with some suggesting she trim her long locks.

Preview photo credit demimoore / Instagram


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