Pamela Anderson Is Learning to Be Single: “I Was a Mother, That Saved Me”

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5 marriages, fame, and chaotic life are all part of Pamela Anderson’s past. She had to reset her career and life, but she never gave up on trying again and again. Here is a little bit more you may not know about this actress and her new life.

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“I was a mess. I came home in pieces,” Pamela Anderson commented in a new interview. For decades, she was chasing a better life and wanted it so badly, but it never happened. “People are in and out of my life, or people come into my life, and I thought, the common denominator in all these relationships is me. So I need to work on that,” she said.

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She had to seek isolation in her hometown on Vancouver Island, Ladysmith, to find her way. “This full circle thing was very therapeutic,” Anderson explained. “And I knew I kind of had to retrace my steps as a kid. And it was very visual, very triggering, and very therapeutic to be home. There was a lot of anger. I felt volcanic, just this rage was coming out of me.”

Her last marriage to her bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst, ended with divorce, yet again. A source commented, “She had initially said it was nice to be with a regular guy who could change a light bulb, but in the end, while the light bulb was nice, he couldn’t fulfill her other needs.” So Anderson went on to find peace from the inside.

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“Right now it’s really good for me to be alone for the first time,” Anderson admitted. It’s important, while healing, that you are able to stay alone to understand what you really want and who you are. But still, there was something that never let Anderson down. “I was a mother; that saved me. You know, if I wasn’t a mom, I don’t think I would have survived,” said the actress.

Is it difficult for you to be single? What makes you feel happy?

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