An Aussie Model Posts a List With 117 Reasons to Not Have Kids, Provokes a Wave of Hate

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7 months ago

We all have a right to choose whether to have children or not. And this choice is a really personal one. But people, who have chosen not to have kids, also want to be heard and feel an urge to have an opinion on the subject. Australian actress and model Ellie Gonsalves has recently shared a post with a list of 117 reasons why she prefers to remain childfree, and the response was really overwhelming.

Ellie shared the post despite being warned about the backlash she might face.

Ellie Gonsalves is famous not only for being a model and an actress. She’s also known by many people for having a strong childfree position, which she often describes in her social networks. She has previously addressed the topic of choosing not to have kids in her stories, and it’s opened up a lot of discussion.

Ellie says that she doesn’t remain silent about her childfree choice, because she wants to help thousands of people out there to feel very seen by this. The woman confessed that a lot of people also feel triggered by this very subject, but despite the criticism, she keeps talking about this sincerely and with no filter.

Before she ever decided to post her recent story, many people from her closest circle warned her that she might stir huge debates and kept asking her if she was sure she still wanted to make that post public. Ellie confessed that she even received hundreds of DMs saying how horrible and broken person she is, but this didn’t stop the woman from sharing the scandalous list. She explained that some of the things she mentioned, were just satirical, but the majority of them she considers to be serious, factual and worth to be shared and heard.

The model truly believes that the societal pressure around the topic of being childfree is huge, and she thinks it’s totally unfair towards people who have a different opinion on having kids, rather than those who have a desire to give birth in their life. With her post, she didn’t intend to provoke anyone, but just to act as a voice of support for those who have a similar view of family life.

The list contained a lot of things that seemed controversial to people.

Recently, Ellie Gonsalves has shared 117 reasons why she would never consider having children. She absolutely divided the internet after sharing it and a wave of hatred and criticism levelled against the actress after this scandalous post. She explained her wish to make such a long list, saying that a short reason was never good enough or understood.

All points of the published list range from satirical to simply just relatable and naturally correct (that kids can in fact poop inside their mom). Other points list common things like losing your identity and various risks of pregnancy and childbirth for women.

The “Childfree List” provoked a huge reaction in the Internet.

Ellie has faced criticism that many points are small or vain or overly negative, but for her, all 117 points play their part in a bigger story.

“I know some of the things on there might be insignificant compared to what a child might bring, and are some of them vain? Sure,” she says in her interview. “But lots of these fears/thoughts ARE real and resonate with not only me, but with so many other women. A lot of them are small things that contribute towards a much bigger picture.”

In her post, the woman also revealed that she’d been in a serious relationship for 15 years, and she’s been asked about children all the time. In her interview she said that the hate she received since making that post, only reiterated her point about having kids.

She said about haters, “They further illustrate my main point: people are told and sold a certain life, and when they witness others choosing a different path, the frustration lies within themselves. They may not realize there is an alternative path or may not be mature enough to accept that others can live a life different from their without the need to harbor resentment.”

The full list of the points is here, and some points may make you want to say a word or two.

And here’re stories that childfree people wanted to share with the world, and they deserve attention even from people who have a different point of view.


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Unable to put someone else first or make sacrifices. That's different than people who chose to not have kids in order to not burden them with their trauma. I heard the last remaining relatives of the Austrian painter decided to not have children, for obvious reasons.


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