People on Reddit Noticed How Adorable Tiny Cat Teeth Are, and Now We Can’t Get Enough

4 years ago

While there are lots of things we like about cats, this Reddit thread reminds us that we tend to forget about one teeny tiny detail. It’s their teeth. Sharp and teeny-weeny, fierce and playful — there are so many different kinds of them that we are in a rush to check which ones our own cats have.

We at Bright Side had a difficult time trying to figure out which were the most adorable cat teeth photos and decided to show you our top 20.

20. Grooming teeth

19. Meownt Dracucat teeth

18. Weeny teeth

17. Grumpy teeth

16. Attack teeth

15. Mid-sneeze teeth

14. Halloween teeth

13. Adventure teeth

12. Fierce teeth

11. Brand new teeth

10. Meowcula teeth

9. Box destroying teeth

8. Stop-touching-me teeth

7. Angry teeth

6. Sleepy teeth

5. Playful teeth

4. Disapproving teeth

3. Scratchy teeth

2. Satisfied teeth

1. Dangerous teeth

Have you taken photos of the teeth of your pets? What name would you give to them? Show us your pictures.

Preview photo credit Schlaffpaff / Reddit


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Those tiny teeth are actually adorable. I have never seen them!


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