People Shared 15+ Images to Prove That Things Only Get Better Over Time

2 years ago

While most people would say that we are in full control of our own lives, sometimes, it just feels like the stars are not aligning for us. While we do our best to influence the factors that are in our control, some things are better left to fate. And soon you will realize that what’s meant to happen will happen. Such is the power of time.

Bright Side believes that as long as we do our best in the present moment, things will get better and make perfect sense over time. And we have gathered some proof of this.

1. “My friend was partially paralyzed a few years ago. She has been waiting years for this moment.”

2. “Elliot’s owner shares what he looked like at 4 weeks vs full-grown with his favorite toy.”

3. “5 years and $40,000 in the making”

4. “In sixth grade, she asked me to dance. I nervously said yes. 8.5 years later, I asked her to marry me. She instantly said yes.”

5. “This is the first time she has come and laid with me since the day I rescued her last year. I never want to move.”

6. “I never thought that 17 years later, my best friend would live to meet my first child.”

7. “My friends and me, 18 years later — the same set-up, living room, table, and even cameraman”

8. “Feeling confident. I cut my hair short for the first time in about 15 years.”

9. “This abandoned Walmart parking lot puppy the day she found me, and now, 5 years later”

10. “Friends for 15 years, together for 4, now we’re finally married.”

11. “Almost gave up art but managed to get my work in a gallery. Couldn’t be happier.”

12. “My autistic son started talking when we learned he loved being outdoors. Never give up.”

13. “My dad just graduated college today at 63 years old. He had to drop out when he was young to take care of his younger siblings.”

14. “I learned that my hair loss wasn’t just because of stress but due to alopecia. Now, this progress pic made me smile.”

15. “At age 4, I whispered sweet nothings in her ear. 24 years later, we’re getting married.”

16. “A different kind of progress pic, 22 vs 26”

17. “After 15 years, I finally figured out how to get my parents back together for a moment.”

How about you? Do you believe that there is a perfect time for everything? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

Preview photo credit hello-there-handsome / Reddit


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