Reddit Users Shared the Moment They Realized They Found “The One”

Finding “the one” can be hard, and some believe it takes a long time to connect with a person, even through simple gestures. But there are some folks who prove that those actions are the ones that really count in the long run. Although studies show it takes men 7 months to know they found “the one,” it might be even sooner than that, simply because love is love.

  • We were dating, and I sneezed twice in a row. She said, “That’s weird. You usually sneeze 3 times.” She noticed how many times I usually sneeze. We’ve been married for 11 years. © Budsygus / Reddit
  • When I farted and my girlfriend said, “NICE!” and threw up her hand to high-five me — I knew right away. I was hooked, man. © SirMooncake / Reddit
  • My “he’s the one” moment — when he invited me to a party his friends were hosting to meet all his friends for the first time. He could tell that I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, so he sat me down and opened up Facebook and showed me who would be there and told me a few things about each of them. Almost 4 years later and he’s still like that. He often picks up on my emotions faster than I do and never judges or blames me, he just looks for ways he can support me. © Lisbethhh / Reddit
  • The first time I went to a karate class as a kid. The little girl ran over and grabbed me, told people I wasn’t allowed to be partners with anyone else. The girl was right.
    We’ve been together more than 20 years now, and she still gets all sulky and goes into hamster mode when I (purposefully) pretend to ignore her. Wouldn’t trade her clingy, moody self for all the coffee in Asahikawa. © Lazy_Raccoon / Reddit
  • When we were in high school, the bus didn’t go to where I lived, so I had to wait at the school until my mom finished work and then get driven home. Instead of going home on the bus, he would use that time to hang out with me after school and then would walk all the way home, even in snow storms. Just because he wanted to spend an extra 10 or 20 minutes with me. © princejude / Reddit
  • Meeting my spouse felt like seeing a loved one after they’d been gone on a long trip. I felt the same way when our child was born. No magical Disney moment, just “Oh, there you are. I’ve missed you, and I’m glad you’re back.” © psnugbootybug / Reddit
  • We were just work friends, and we were texting one day when I mentioned that the red and orange Sour Patch Kids were my favorite, but there were no bags with just those 2. Well, the next day at work, he surprised me with a bag of red and orange Sour Patch Kids. That same week, I mentioned that I was surprised by my period, but I was stuck at work all day, and he offered to go buy whatever I needed. We got married on our 6-year anniversary last week, and I couldn’t have picked a better partner to spend my life with. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • So when we were dating, I went to her place, and we were playing Katamari on her brother’s PS2. I strolled over to the corner to see what other games he had and noticed an N64. I immediately asked if her brother would mind if we played his N64 too, and she responded, “Are you kidding? That’s mine!” She still beats me at Mario Kart. © TheDutchFury / Reddit
  • They came up and said, “This might sound weird, and there is no reason for me to know this, but that mixed berry yogurt you’re about to eat has expired.” © dani-bird / Reddit
  • She fell over trying to walk up the front steps, smashed my friend’s 40-ounce in his hand, slicing through his palm. Her head landed safely on my lap without even realizing what happened, and she says, “Hey, nice to meet you!”
    That was 5 years ago on Halloween, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. My friend needed some stitches and I fell in love, so I guess we will never forget the night we met her. © Forsaken_Strawberry / Reddit
  • One thing that really freaked me out happened the same day we met. We were with mutual friends, and he made a joke (that I was about to say too) and I high-fived him. It was the fastest, most innocent touch, but I knew instantly that I needed to run away from him otherwise he would completely change my life. I married him 2 years later, so mission unsuccessfully accomplished. © bruxinha93 / Reddit
  • He refused to let the last bus before midnight on New Year’s Eve leave without me to go up the mountain to a ski resort. I come running and panting around the corner and see him holding the doors open, even though the driver is shouting at him. I just felt that this was it, crazy. © vixria / Reddit
  • When I first farted, she laughed and let a big one rip, we have mini contests to see who can do it louder. Either way, mine still make her die inside, so I win over her most times. © _MemeMan_ / Reddit
  • The first was when we were kissing, and I opened an eye to peek and saw both her eyes open, staring back at me. So I opened both my eyes to stare at her, still kissing the whole time. And we just stared, trying to be as creepy as possible, until we both broke out laughing. That’s when I knew I found someone I could be my weird self with. © rageko / Reddit
  • First was when she wanted to get a dog and name it after one of my favorite baseball players. She came up with a clever name. Second was when she wanted to get married on the top of a mountain. It was awesome. © likeaperfectpoop / Reddit
  • Went to her house after our second date with some friends of hers. I tucked her into bed around 2 a.m. She kept mumbling, “Give me my phone. I need my phone.” I said, “Who are you gonna call?” She replied, “Ghostbusters.” I knew right then. © Bookislovakia / Reddit

How did you find your true soulmate? What was your experience like?

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