Reese Witherspoon and Her Lookalike Daughter Have a Relationship That’s One of a Kind

2 years ago

Being a parent is so rewarding. Raising a child, watching them grow and find their own path — every parent’s bond with their child is one of a kind, but the mother-daughter relationship is an extra special one. And it’s no different with our favorite celebrities. Actress Reese Witherspoon and her daughter, Ava, have always shared a special relationship — after all, for them, looking at each other is like looking in a mirror.

We at Bright Side believe that there’s nothing more unique than the bond you have with your child. We wanted to share the story of one of the most famous celebrities and her lookalike daughter to prove that your kids can always be inspired by you — and maybe they can inspire you right back.

She became a mom at a young age.

Reese was only 23 when she had Ava, and it was tough for her because she was doing it on her own. She was lucky to have money saved from her acting career, but it was still difficult at times. She learned a lot about motherhood from raising Ava, which was useful in raising her sons, Deacon, and Tennessee.

They grew up together.

When Ava turned 18, Reese reflected on raising her, saying, “I feel like we grew up together.” It was very emotional for her to see Ava leave for college. In fact, she never imagined how hard it would be and had to keep reminding herself that Ava would come back. Reese said that it actually prompted her to apologize to her own mom because she went to college and then started acting and never came home.

They get mistaken for each other often.

It is impossible to deny that Ava is Reese’s daughter — the resemblance is uncanny! Reese loves getting mistaken for her daughter because it makes her feel young. But Reese is sure it isn’t so easy for Ava to look so much like her mom, and she has often said how proud she is of her daughter for how she deals with it.

It isn’t so easy for Ava though.

Whenever Ava struggles to handle all the attention, Reese tells her to speak to Zoë Kravitz. That’s because the actress looks so like her famous mom, Lisa Bonet, so she understands the situation and can advise Ava. It is a different situation for Reese because she didn’t grow up famous, so her kids are living an experience she never had.

But they embrace their twinning looks sometimes.

Reese may have to beg, but sometimes Ava does give in to accepting the fact that they look like twins, like when they wore matching holiday sweaters or Moncler jackets, which Reese showcased on Instagram. The sweaters were, in fact, from Reese’s clothing brand, Draper James.

Ava is finding her own path in life.

Ava, who is currently studying at UC Berkeley, isn’t sure she wants to follow in her parents’ footsteps and go into acting after college. Her parents have always encouraged her to choose a path that’s right for her and be who she is truly meant to be, and she is grateful for that.

Her mom’s best advice for her is pretty profound.

Reese’s special advice for Ava is “Pretty is as pretty does,” which means you’re only as pretty as you are on the inside and how you treat other people. Ava is holding tight to this as she lives her life and steps into the spotlight on her own terms, doing some modeling and speaking out about things that matter to her. It’s no surprise that one of her biggest messages online is about kindness. She wants to make sure that she is using her platform for good.

They are each other’s best friends.

In the end, they are each other’s best friends. Ava calls Reese her “best friend, role model, cheerleader, and confidante.” And Reese is incredibly proud of the young woman Ava is becoming. She says she is “down-to-earth” and studying, learning, trying to find herself, and trying different things. Reese really admires her daughter’s commitment to doing great things in the world.

What is your best advice for your kids? In what ways do you look like your own parents?


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