Science Explains Why Women Choose Bad Boys

3 years ago

There are many women who run toward men their mothers always warned them about. It seems nature takes over these girls and pushes them to start dating boys with personalities that only mean trouble. Thanks to research, we now know why this happens and why good girls choose to date those who can easily get them into trouble.

Bright Side is sharing scientific proof of why women can easily become blinded by men who have characteristics of a “bad boy” personality.

Girls love self-confidence in men.

These wicked boys wouldn’t have the power to attract girls if their level of confidence was low. The point is that the level of confidence they possess is so high, it seems like their attitude is overflowing with it, which can be seen in their friends, the vehicle they drive, the food they choose to eat, and so much more.

Ovulation pushes girls toward troublesome boys.

Women fall for bad boys because it’s in their nature. Science says that when a woman is in her ovulation stage, her hormones influence who she sees as a great father figure for her future children. Near ovulation time, girls are attracted to good looking, charismatic, and rebellious boys.

The “bad boy” personality is more attractive.

They simply don’t care about anything. For them, there’s no rule book or specific rules they follow. They make their own rules and it seems like they always live on the edge. Even though they love to be in control and are passionate about their own beliefs, they still know the right way to treat a lady and make her feel pretty good.

Ladies search for an adventurous and fun spirit.

One of the signature characteristics of a “bad boy” is a love for adventure and excitement. For women, it seems that if a man is not living a wild life, it means they’re not suitable for them. They just can’t get enough of that adventurous spirit.

Women feel protected around them.

Girls choose bad boys over others because they want a male figure that they can be protected by. Most women who feel vulnerable and are afraid of crime search for a man who can protect them. In fact, their strong physical appearance is why women feel secure around them.

Girls choose attractive men over nice ones.

In one study, women were given scripts with profiles from 2 different men and they had to choose which one they preferred. Most of the women picked the profile with good physical attributes while the nice guy wasn’t often the final pick. Thanks to this research, we now know that the nice characteristic becomes a salient factor when choosing a partner for a serious relationship and instead, it’s the manipulative characteristic that bad boys have that looks more attractive.

They free the “bad girl.”

A psychologist, Robyn McKay, Ph.D., explains that girls who have a concealed inner rebellious side are easily attracted to men who can release that out of them. Usually, in girls, this trait was suppressed during childhood and one of the easiest ways for them to get it all out is to start dating a rebellious guy.

Bonus: People on social media share their opinion on why girls choose bad boys.

What is your opinion about these statements? Do you have any experience or have witnessed other relationships with the aforementioned “bad boys?”


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I always wondered why girls go for the boys who irritate the teacher the most - basically, the bad boys mentioned here, who are also the most popular at school. I irritated the teacher a lot too - but it's been wearing down. But I've never been popular since 3rd grade - and even before that no girl showed any interest in me. At least now I know the answer to the first question.


I think a lot of girls are attracted to them, but that doesn't mean they always stay with them


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