Scientists Reveal 8 Proven Traits Men Are Physically Attracted To

4 years ago

Almost everyone wants to know the answer to the question, "How to be attractive for the opposite sex?" Scientists claim that they are finally ready to reveal the truth. The discoveries can surprise people who think that men only check out women with pretty faces and slim figures.

Bright Side gathered a list of 8 traits that men find attractive in women.

1. Figure

When a man sees a woman, he is subconsciously thinking whether he can have babies with her or not. That's why the male brain is searching for a woman with larger hips and a smaller waist. The woman needs to look healthy and fertile.

The studies have found the ideal proportion for a female body and a woman is better to have the waist-to-hip ratio of 7:10. Such a proportion tells a man that such hips are great for childbirth!

2. Smile

That's an obvious attractive feature for men. A smile is something that can catch any male's attraction. This woman looks more open and ready to flirt.

Is it really that simple? Of course not. Men also look at women's teeth. It doesn't mean that you need to have bright white teeth like actresses in Hollywood movies – just avoid things like bad breath and yellowish teeth. It is also connected to the fact that good-looking teeth are an indicator of good health and good genetics. We all remember that a man is looking for a mom for his future babies.

3. Facial symmetry

Facial symmetry is one of the most attractive physical traits. It is explained by the fact that our brains visually process symmetrical faces faster than a less symmetrical one.

Surely, we all understand that it's not possible to find a 100% symmetrical face. But the fewer asymmetries you have, the more your face catches people's eyes.

4. Lips

Any man will be drawn to a woman with lips desirable to kiss. What do "kissable lips" mean?

Despite the tendency of using different methods to make lips bigger among women, the survey has shown that men prefer thin to medium-sized lips.

Don't forget about lipstick. It was invented for a reason! A study from the Manchester University found out that men can stare at women with red lips for seven seconds!

5. Eyes

Men prefer to look at large eyes and there is a reason!

When a person is falling in love with a person he is looking at, his eyes unconsciously dilate and become larger. That's why a person with larger eyes seems happier and more appealing.

6. Eyebrows

Eyebrows are clearly an important feature in our appearance. They help express our feelings and emotions. Well-shaped eyebrows can make you look gorgeous. They make men feel lost in your eyes.

It was also found that people notice eyebrows more often than eyes. So don't neglect your eyebrows while doing your makeup.

8. Posture

Stand-up straight, ladies!

Your posture can say a lot about you. Usually, people with poor posture have socializing problems. They are shy and not open to new acquaintances. People with good body posture tend to be more confident and attractive.

Your posture influences the first impression you make. Change your posture to change the way people think about you.

8. Color

Say yes to red dresses!

The color of clothing can affect your attractiveness a lot. It was found that the color red is the most attractive to men because it's associated with love and passion.

Don't throw away your little black dress! Wearing black can let a man know that you're an intelligent and confident woman.

All women desire to be beautiful, desired, beautiful, and to catch the attention of men. But let's face it – most women don't have all these traits of a theoretically ideal attractive person. Don't be keen on stereotypes, monitor your health, and use little tricks like red lipstick to stand out of the crowd.

Tell us which traits you find attractive in the opposite sex.

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