Scientists Say Looking at Adorable Photos Can Spark Your Love Life, so Here Are 20 “Sparklers”

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If you were searching for a reason to look at photos of cats, dogs, and other cute animals, now you have one. A recent study by experts at the University of Florida showed that people in romantic relationships who look at cute photos together are more satisfied with their marriages. So, call your spouse or partner right now to enjoy these photos together with them.

We at Bright Side tried this kind of therapy ourselves and we know that these photos are not only good for relationships, but they can also improve your mood on a rainy day.

“My new kitten has the biggest ears.”

“This happens every time I get audibly frustrated. He’s a therapy dog at heart.”

For those who think that true love does not exist:

Here’s what I do when I get into trouble:

When you are dreaming about that Cirque du Soleil casting:

“Made Ophelia a little flower crown! She’s wearing it!”

“Can I offer you a sausage right now?”

He is so fluffy!

“This is Nala, she gave us quite a scare when we couldn’t find her anywhere.”

“My mom likes to keep me updated on my cat’s misadventures while I’m in college.”

His first day at home

A picture of my dog, Coconut and his impersonation of sarcasm

My name is Panda! And my eyes just opened today!

“I have no idea how he wasn’t rescued the second he arrived at the shelter.”

“Monty does not understand why I do not lay around all day like him.”

But, seriously, can you still say that you don’t love Corgis?

File “Cat.exe” is not responding.

We don’t have a device that can measure the cuteness of this guy.

When you’re trying to be cool, but nature made you cute:

“I love you too, you weird 2-legged creature.”

Do you have any photos of your mood-boosters? Add them to our collection?

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit my_summertime / reddit


I'm sure the kitten from the first photo has fennec foxes as soma distant relatives :D
Comment with image on Bright Side
I thought dogs in little boots are cute.. unless I saw a dog in little white socks ?
These are not just for sparking your love life, these are for sparking everything around.
Such cuties :3
These adorable photos just have sparked the whole my evening! ?

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