Shannen Doherty Reveals a List of People She DOES NOT Want at Her Funeral Amid Cancer Battle

5 months ago

The 52-year-old actress is currently contending with stage four breast cancer that has metastasized to her bones. In a recent heart-to-heart on the “Let’s Be Clearpodcast, Shannen Doherty opened up about life, death, and the humor she finds in facing her fears. In a wide-ranging conversation about death and funeral planning, she detailed who she doesn’t want to attend her funeral and explained why she’s so strict in her decision.

Doherty faced her first battle with breast cancer in 2015.

Known for her role in Beverly Hills, 90210, Doherty faced her first battle with breast cancer in 2015, opting for a mastectomy and enduring rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. The resilient actress found herself in remission by 2017.

However, in February 2020, she bravely disclosed the heartbreaking news that the disease had made a comeback, spreading to her spine. By last summer, the relentless cancer had reached her brain, leading to surgery and intensified radiation treatments.

In November, Doherty shared another update, revealing that the disease had now spread to her bones. It’s been a tough journey for the Charmed actor, and her courage in the face of adversity continues to inspire.

She locks herself in the closet to cry.

In the candid conversation with her best friend, Chris Cortazzo, she shared her vulnerability, admitting that despite her public image of strength, there are moments when she locks herself in the closet to cry and fears the process of dying.

Reflecting on her journey, Doherty expressed her desire to live longer to accomplish more and raise further funds for cancer. “I just don’t want to die too soon, because I have a lot to accomplish. That weighs heavy on my brain of like, I haven’t raised enough money for cancer,” Doherty opened up.

She’s planning her funeral.

In a touching revelation, she disclosed that when facing brain surgery, she revisited her will, appointing Cortazzo as the executor and contemplating her funeral arrangements. The actress said, “It made me start thinking about who would show up to my funeral. And there’s a lot of people that I think would show up, that I don’t want there.”

Doherty explained, “I don’t want them there because their reasons for showing up aren’t necessarily the best reasons. Like, they don’t really like me — and they have their reasons, and good for them — but they don’t actually really like me enough to show up to my funeral.” She continues, “I don’t want people to be crying or people to privately be like, ’Thank God she is dead now.’”

The guest list for her farewell gathering.

When it comes to the guest list for her farewell gathering, Doherty emphasized that the list of people she genuinely wants there is the more important one. She explained that listing those she doesn’t want is too lengthy a task. In her signature straightforward manner, she articulated her vision for the farewell as a “lovefest,” aiming to create a gathering devoid of obligatory participants who lack genuine care.

Expressing warmth, she conveyed gratitude to her dedicated fans, extending a heartfelt welcome to them for the final celebration. These are the individuals who have been steadfast supporters throughout her entire life and career, earning a special place in her heart.

Acknowledging the potentially morbid nature of their conversation, Doherty and Cortazzo found reassurance and humor in discussing these topics. For Doherty, injecting humor into dire situations is a coping mechanism she values.

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