“She Is What We Prayed For,” a Firefighter Adopts a Baby He Delivered on an Emergency Call

2 years ago

They say there are no coincidences in life. If so, the story in this article can be considered a true act of destiny. Life itself brought Marc Hadden and his daughter together, and their story will most likely shock you as you read it all the way to the end.

We at Bright Side want to tell you an incredible story about a friendship that was meant to be.

Their meeting was destined.

The hero of our story, Marc Hadden, is a firefighter. November 14, 2011, should have been just another ordinary day at work for him; however, it ended up being anything but.

That day started out like normal — Marc went to his 24-hour shift, as he normally did. Then, suddenly, his shift assignment was changed, putting him in the medical unit. His unit was sent to a woman who, that night, gave birth to a baby girl, Rebecca Grace, the girl Marc and his wife would later adopt. Marc delivered the baby himself. “It was meant to be that I ended up at this call,” says Marc.

The decision to adopt Grace was surprisingly easy.

After Gracie was born, Marc and his unit brought the baby and mother to the hospital. Shortly after, it was clear that the girl would be put up for adoption. Marc said he immediately “started making calls asking anyone that would listen for advice on how to adopt Gracie.”

“It was a long night, not knowing if it would even be possible,” remembers Marc. “We learned the next morning that it was possible, and the ball started moving very quickly.” They brought Grace home 48 hours later.

Grace became a part of a big family.

Marc and his wife, Beth, were already parents of 2. They wanted to have more children but were unable to. The decision to adopt the girl was scary for Marc since he was a father of 2 boys. “It was absolutely very scary, but the most wonderful feeling also,” recalls Marc. The whole family was extremely excited about Grace coming into their lives as well.

“We have never looked back and consider her completely part of our family.”

But Grace and her father have a special, distinct bond.

We share the knowledge that we were brought into each other’s lives for a reason,” says Marc. He tries to spend as much time with his daughter as possible and makes the most out of it.

He and his wife decided not to hide Grace from her background. “The decision to tell Gracie from the very beginning was made out of respect to her,” says Marс. They thought that it would be fair for Grace to know how special she was. They didn’t want to start building their relationship by hiding something from her.

Do you believe in coincidences? Have you ever faced a life-changing coincidence? Share your stories with us in the comment section below.

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