The 15 Best New Horror Movies to Watch in 2024

6 months ago

The year 2023 stood out as an exceptional period for horror, witnessing attention-grabbing films that spanned from microbudget productions to Hollywood sequels. Bright Side carefully compiled Best New Horror Movies to Watch in 2024, so you can tickle your nerves.

Christopher Landon, known for revitalizing the slasher genre with Happy Death Day and Freaky, takes a departure from knives and leans into whimsy in his latest venture. In this Amblin-style adventure, a teenager finds themselves tasked with protecting a mute ghost named Ernest from both the CIA and a money-hungry father. The standout moment occurs when the internet catches wind of the spectral presence in the attic, leading to a montage of hilariously accurate Ernie-themed TikTok memes.

“I proudly identify as a Black woman,” declares Neve (played by Ashley Madekwe). Yet, her actions convey a different narrative. Subtle unease transforms into a compelling home invasion thriller in this stylish examination of class betrayal and the British POC experience by first-time writer-director Nat Martello-White.

Neve, having escaped a challenging life in London years ago, resides in an all-white Wiltshire village where she suppresses her identity to fit into a society that will never fully embrace her. However, her past forcefully crashes into this facade, disrupting the carefully maintained order.

It comes as no surprise that, after decades of allusions to German Expressionism and silent cinema, Nicolas Cage has finally taken on the role of the Prince of Darkness. However, this isn’t your typical Dracula tale.

Instead, Renfield shifts its focus to the Count’s bug-eating familiar, played by Nicholas Hoult, whose gaslit servant character attends group therapy sessions in an attempt to shake off his narcissistic boss. While the horror-comedy action may lack bite, Renfield is still worth a watch, especially to witness Cage’s portrayal of a vamp — what better way to seize the spotlight than with a mouth full of Nosferatu-style fangs?

A significant success in its native country last year, this inaugural horror film from director Michelle Garza Cervera, based in Mexico City, revolves around a haunting yet universally resonant tale of motherhood and femininity. Valeria (played by Natalia Solián) is a woman striving to assimilate and conceal her past, but her pregnancy triggers something sinister that refuses to let her find peace. In the blink of an eye, her life descends into demonic chaos, reminiscent of the narrative in Rosemary’s Baby.

The film boasts impeccable sound design—particularly bone-chilling cracks that linger in your nightmares—and there’s scarcely a moment when you won’t experience visceral chills. The scares never take the cheap route; instead, the film elegantly employs horror tropes to unravel the harsh judgment of society.

Set on a Cornish island, this unconventional portrayal devoid of idyllic elements unfolds as a folk horror-inspired mystery, weaving a hypnotically unsettling narrative. Mary Woodvine’s character, a wildlife volunteer, grapples with an unusual flower and confronts the challenges of life in isolation. The story is shrouded in a Tarkovsky-esque fog of enigma, resonating with the ominous anticipation of something truly dreadful—a sentiment reminiscent of The Wicker Man.

Mark Jenkin, the director behind this unique creation, skillfully puts his own distinctive spin on influences that might overwhelm less assured filmmakers. Shot on 16mm film and immersed in handcrafted ’70s aesthetics, the film emanates mystical vibes powerful enough to transform its audience into modern-day druids.

Top 10 of Best New Horror Movies to Watch in 2024 opens Knock at the Cabin.

Audiences’ reception of M. Night Shyamalan’s films may vary, but this intimate apocalyptic thriller showcases great ideas and the director’s discerning eye. The tension rises as a small family, portrayed beautifully by Jonathan Groff, Ben Aldridge, and Kristen Cui, has their woodland vacation disrupted by four desperate strangers. Each of them claims that the apocalypse is imminent unless one family member takes the life of another.

Dave Bautista stands out in his role as a gentle giant teacher, attempting to persuade the couple using intellect rather than sheer strength. A thought-provoking experience with a controversial conclusion, “Cabin” stands as Shyamalan’s most impactful work in years

In 1918, amidst the influenza pandemic, Pearl resides on her family’s Texas homestead with her German immigrant parents while her husband, Howard, is in military service. Pearl’s father, frail and paralyzed, requires care, and her overbearing mother, Ruth, insists she shoulder the responsibilities for both him and the farm.

Despite longing for a more thrilling life, Pearl finds solace in the enchanting films showcased at the local cinema, harboring aspirations to become a chorus girl—a dream disapproved of by Ruth. Alongside her desire for a different path, Pearl exhibits disturbing tendencies, engaging in the harming of farm animals and subjecting her father to violence.

Saw X marks the tenth installment in the enduring franchise, opting for a refreshing return to its roots. The film takes a back-to-basics approach by delving into the past, positioning the menacing Jigsaw killer, John Kramer, as the central protagonist. Deceived into financing a fraudulent miracle surgery for his cancer, Kramer embarks on a quest for revenge against the deceitful medical practitioners, utilizing his signature methods. Abundant in twists and featuring gut-wrenching traps, the film successfully sidesteps the convoluted plotting that characterized earlier chapters by exploring a narrative set in the past.

Transitioning from a festival favorite to A24’s highest-grossing horror title domestically, Talk To Me dominated conversations among horror enthusiasts throughout the summer. Twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou, renowned for their inventive imagery and shocking gore on their YouTube channel RackaRacka, bring their distinctive style to new heights. The film revolves around the story of Mia, portrayed fearlessly by Sophie Wilde, a moody teenager. Mia’s attempt to connect with her late mother through a supernatural party trick that communicates with the dead takes a terrifying turn after it becomes a viral sensation.

The Philippou brothers maintain an unsettling atmosphere throughout the film. They skillfully craft characters that are all worth caring about, even the seemingly annoying ones. Places typically associated with safety, such as hospitals and well-lit parties, quickly take on insidious undertones. The narrative exudes a genuine sense that this is precisely how inexperienced and impulsive young teens would behave if given the ability to easily pierce the veil between the living and the dead.

Simultaneously tapping into current concerns and echoing classic horror tropes, riotous horror-comedy ingeniously capitalizes on the escalating fears surrounding AI overreach, delivering a modern take on the traditional killer-doll genre. The film quickly gained widespread popularity in the early part of the year, going mega-viral. Following a tragic car accident that claims the lives of her parents, a young girl is entrusted to the care of her overwhelmed aunt, played by Allison Williams, a toy designer.

In a creative twist, the aunt employs one of her not-yet-patented creations as a surrogate babysitter—an eerily lifelike robot bearing a resemblance to a fusion of Teddy Ruxpin and the murderous orphan from Orphan. Opting for a lighter approach to gore and emphasizing high camp value, the film emerges as even more entertaining. Excitingly, a sequel is already in the works, with the promise of potentially several more to come.

Undoubtedly the most polarizing film of the year—and one that seems determined to maintain its top spot—Kyle Edward Ball’s inaugural feature gracefully navigates the delicate balance between narrative and art piece, anxiety and tedium, fantasy and reality. Shot on a modest budget of $15,000 at his childhood home, Ball adeptly reconstructs the nuanced fears associated with the tumultuous journey of growing up, surpassing the visions of many established auteurs. For those willing to extend their attention spans and immerse themselves in something entirely novel, Skinamarink promises to reshape perceptions of what goes bump in the night.

Amidst his disruptive portrayal in the final season of Succession and his compelling performance in Infinity Pool, Alexander Skarsgård spent 2023 ruthlessly critiquing the wealthy. Under the direction of Brandon Cronenberg, known for Possessor Skarsgård’s character, James, a novelist who enters into a marriage of affluence, immerses himself in the violent excesses taking place at the vacation destination Li Tolqa. In this extravagant world, if the 1% indulge too much, they face cloning and a fatal price — initially striking Foster (Skarsgård) as obscene but eventually providing him with a thrilling sensation.

The film unfolds as a fusion of psychedelic visuals and disconcerting brutality, depicting James’ journey as he sheds his humanity like a second skin. Mia Goth delivers outstanding supporting work, portraying a seemingly normal tourist who swiftly transforms into a wild character, ultimately stealing the spotlight in the movie.

The narrative of The Fall of the House of Usher commences in November 2023, immediately after the tragic loss of Roderick Usher’s six children. Roderick, a wealthy and influential figure serving as the CEO of the morally questionable Fortunato Pharmaceuticals, endured the heart-wrenching demise of his children—Prospero, Camille, Napoleon, Victorine, Tamerlane, and Frederick, the latter two being the only ones not born from different mothers or outside marriage—within a mere two weeks. Following the final funeral for his children, Roderick extends an invitation to C. Auguste Dupin, an Assistant United States Attorney dedicated to exposing the corruption of Fortunato Pharmaceuticals. The revelation unfolds in Roderick’s childhood home, where he candidly shares the authentic account of his family and gradually unveils the darkest secrets held by the Ushers.

The series intricately navigates two timelines, complementing the conversation between Roderick and Dupin. Roderick recounts the journey of himself and his twin sister Madeline from 1953 to 1980, chronicling their youth and the subsequent ascent to power. Simultaneously, the second timeline delves into the two weeks preceding the pivotal discussion, unraveling the truth behind the tragic deaths of Roderick’s children.

A concise and swift extraterrestrial escapade, No One Will Save You features Kaitlyn Dever delivering a remarkable performance as Brynn, a troubled solitary individual whose life takes a tumultuous turn with the sudden arrival of aliens at her doorstep. Adding an intriguing twist, Brynn, haunted by a traumatic past, harbors the belief that the residents of her small town are unlikely to come to her aid in fending off the extraterrestrial threat, even as the imminent end of the world looms. T

The film’s standout feature lies in its minimal dialogue, intensifying Brynn’s sense of isolation to an almost unbearable degree. From the dynamic and swiftly unfolding sequences to the creative design of the extraterrestrial beings, No One Will Save You presents a captivating take on the creature feature genre. It’s regrettable that Hulu chose not to release it in drive-in theaters, a setting where it could have seamlessly resonated with its thrilling narrative.

The leader of our compilation Best New Horror Movies To Watch in 2024 becomes Evil Dead Rise. Director Lee Cronin keeps the terror within the family in this revival of the franchise, shifting the horror from a blood-soaked shack in the woods to a rundown high-rise in Los Angeles. Beth, a guitar technician, distressed about her pregnancy, visits her sister Ellie. Ellie is a single mother to teenagers Danny and Bridget, and a child named Kassie. They reside in Monde Apartments, a condemned Los Angeles apartment complex.

An earthquake shakes the building while the kids are in the basement parking lot, revealing a hidden chamber. Danny explores it, finding religious artifacts, three 1923 phonograph records, and a peculiar book. Thinking he could sell it to assist Ellie, he takes it to his room. The initial record recounts a priest’s failed attempts to research the book, revealed as one of three volumes of the Naturom Demonto. The subsequent record unveils the priest’s secret research, including an incantation that summons demonic entities called Deadites.

The building loses power, and Ellie falls under the control of an invisible force. She enters the apartment in a trance, menacingly poses a threat to her family, and ultimately succumbs after pleading with Beth to safeguard her children. Beth, along with the neighbors, assists in laying Ellie to rest in her bedroom and begins searching for an escape route. The group discovers a collapsed staircase, a damaged elevator, and an inaccessible fire escape. Their predicament worsens when Ellie unexpectedly revives and launches an attack on the family.

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