The Love Charlize Theron Has for Her Daughters and Mom Is All She Needs in Life

2 years ago

At 46, Charlize Theron seems to have it all: fame, success, a kind heart that’s making a difference in this world, and most of all, love. And what’s truly inspiring is that the multi-award-winning star has paved her path to happiness on her own terms. A single mom of 2 adopted daughters, Charlize knew since the tender age of 8 that she would adopt one day. Today, she co-parents with her mom and is living proof that we don’t all necessarily need a life partner to be fulfilled in life.

Bright Side believes that every single person on Earth is meant to be happy. And just like we’re all different, love also comes to us in different shapes. And Charlize’s own life journey will make your heart skip a beat or 2.

She was destined for stardom despite all odds.

We surely cannot say that this star’s path to fame was an easy one. Born in a South African farming community far from Hollywood’s sparkling glamour, little Charlize was an only child who grew up in a trauma-filled household. Around 16, she left home to model in Milan and later on bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, with the hope of making it big in the movie industry.

Today after receiving multiple awards and accolades for her roles, including an Oscar, we can safely say that the actress has become one the most influential people in the world. Besides her successful professional life, she is also known for her big devotion to charity work, especially projects that aim to give back to the continent of her birth, Africa.

She never wanted to get married but always knew she’d adopt.

There is nothing typical in Charlize’s inspiring journey, and things aren’t different when it comes to her personal life either. The glamorous star has recently admitted that she “hasn’t been in a relationship for a very long time,” and continued on saying that she “never wanted to get married.”

On the other hand, growing her family through adoption has been Charlize’s dream since she was just a little girl. The actress opened up saying, “My mom has a letter that I wrote to her when I was 8 years old. In the letter I ask her if we could, for Christmas, go to an orphanage and adopt a brother or sister for me.”

The proud mama of 2 lovely daughters.

And Charlize turned her childhood dream into her adult reality. She adopted her first daughter Jackson, now 10, from her native South Africa at the age of 36. 3 years later, another little girl, August, came to complete the adorable little family. The icon is an immensely-fulfilled single mom who admitted, "My kids make me laugh like nobody’s business’.’ She went on to say that the relationship with her kids ’’is the most beautiful love I have ever witnessed in my life.’’

Co-parenting with her own mother.

Just like her bond with her 2 daughters is unbreakable, Charlize is inseparable from her own mother, Gerta. When describing her childhood, the actress confessed that from a tender age, the mother-daughter relationship was based on total honesty with her mom saying things as they were, without ever sugar-coating facts.

This has built a solid bond between the 2 women over the years, and the actress revealed that she is now raising her 2 daughters the same way her mama raised her: ’’She gave me the truth always — the good and the bad equally. I’m trying to do that with my kids."

Charlize added that she might be responsible for her 2 kids by herself, but she doesn’t consider herself a single mother because she co-parents with her own mom. She admitted, “I knew that I would have to have my mom help me if I was going to do this as a single parent.” She carried on confessing, ’’I would feel pretty alone if I didn’t have a partner in crime in all of this.’’

Writing our own happy ending

If we look at her journey through love and parenthood, it would seem far from the ’’typical’’ road to happiness that romantic comedies show us over and over again.

After all, this single mother is a great example that love can come in any shape or form. And unlike what on-screen romances tell us, we certainly don’t need to wait for a soulmate or our ’’other half’’ to come and complete us. And furthermore, Charlize wishes that movies could ’’focus on a relationship that felt real," in order to depict real life rather than a fairytale.

Because after all, each and every one of us is in charge of creating our own happily-ever-after story the way we want to, and just like us Charlize is writing hers.

What’s your definition of love? Do you agree that we can all create our own journey to happiness without having to follow the traditional route?


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