The Poignant Reason Why Liam Neeson Hates Intimate Scenes

8 months ago

Scenes where people get really close can be tricky to show on camera. It’s normal for actors to have limits or feel unsure about doing these kinds of scenes. Even though Liam Neeson, 71, has been in movies for a long time, he shared that he still doesn’t feel at ease with intimate scenes. They’re just not his favorite to act in.

Neeson’s thoughts follow comments from Penn Badgley, who made news for choosing not to film close scenes for the show You. Neeson agrees and supports Badgley’s decision, saying he’d rather not do those scenes at all. He noted, “Yeah, I absolutely agree and support him. I don’t like to do them.”

He continued explaining that he had been in several of those scenes and would have preferred it if they had been left to the audience’s imagination.

AP/East News

The Taken star openly admitted that watching intimate scenes in movies or TV shows is uncomfortable. “I’ll be honest, when I see an intimate scene, I just can’t look at them. I just get embarrassed,” he confessed.
He further expressed that he understands they are choreographed, but it’s not something he wants to see.

The 71-year-old actor also expressed discomfort with a candid conversation about intimacy he had with his son, whom he shares with his late wife, Natasha Richardson. Recalling it as “the most awkward moment I have ever experienced.”

Speaking of Nesson’s late wife, he had a powerful connection to her. The actor even admitted once that he was offered the role of James Bond in the past but decided to reject it to avoid upsetting the love of his life.

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