What Was Nita Ambani’s Only Condition Before Marrying Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s Richest Man

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Mukesh Ambani, a prominent and wealthy business magnate in India, is happily married to Nita Ambani. Together, they form a wonderful couple and are proud parents to three children: Akash, Anand, and Isha. Interestingly, Nita had a condition before agreeing to marry Mukesh, as revealed in an interview.

Mukesh Ambani shared the story of how he proposed to his beloved wife and how everything fell into place for them.

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It all began when Dhirubhai Ambani noticed Nita at a dance performance. A few days later, he surprised her with a call and invited her to meet him. This unexpected gesture left Nita stunned, as she couldn’t believe that Dhirubhai himself had reached out to her. Upon arriving at the office, Dhirubhai asked if she’d be interested in meeting his eldest son, Mukesh, and that’s how their paths crossed!

While Nita appreciated Mukesh Ambani’s down-to-earth demeanor, she still had doubts about marriage. However, Mukesh was certain about his feelings for Nita and was ready to commit to their relationship.

«Nita was really the first girl. I had pretty much made up my mind that this is it, this is my life partner. I could sense in Nita that she was there and not there also,» Mukesh Ambani shared.

Nita had a condition.

After a series of meetings, during a bustling moment in Mumbai, the billionaire businessman decided to pop the question, urging Nita to give her answer amidst the chaos of traffic snarls. He recounted how, while driving on Peddar Road, he spontaneously asked Nita if she would marry him.

To this, Nita replied with a «Yes,» but she had a condition. She expressed her desire to continue working even after marriage, to which Mukesh agreed wholeheartedly. Their unconventional proposal took place in 1985, and they have been married ever since.

Their love transcended social class differences.

Growing up in a middle-class family, Nita wanted to share her lifestyle with Mukesh while they were dating. She insisted on taking the bus instead of Mukesh’s Mercedes, wanting him to experience her way of life. Together, they embarked on Nita’s favorite double-decker bus route through the city. In return, Mukesh suggested his favorite Mumbai street food joints to Nita, demonstrating that he is more than just the wealthy heir who often makes headlines.

Now, she leads the Dhirubhai Ambani International School, showcasing her passion for education and nation-building. She also became actively involved in the Reliance Group. Interestingly, in an interview, Mukesh Ambani shared that his childhood dream was to be a teacher. He revealed that until his father brought him into Reliance, he had aspirations of studying at a US university and potentially working at the World Bank or teaching as a professor.

But what, if Nita said «No»?

Reflecting on that moment, Nita playfully asked Mukesh what he would have done if she had declined his proposal. In his characteristic manner, Mukesh responded with grace, saying that he would have respectfully dropped her home and remained friends with her. Their love story stands as a testament to the idea that genuine love transcends all boundaries. Despite their prominence and wealth, Mukesh and Nita’s relationship is rooted in love, respect, and mutual admiration.

Mukesh and Nita’s love story continues to inspire couples everywhere. It’s a story of romance, strength, and sticking by each other through thick and thin. From a spontaneous proposal in traffic to working together to build their empire, their journey is truly extraordinary. It shows that even amidst the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, true love can prevail, proving that fairy tales can come true in real life.

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