The Reason Hailey Bieber Is Accused of Getting Pregnant to “Save Her Marriage”

3 weeks ago

When Hailey Bieber announced her pregnancy, the comments under her Instagram post quickly turned into a heated discussion. People were debating whether Hailey’s decision to have a child was genuine or if she was just worried about her marriage.

Fans of Justin Bieber are worried that announcing their pregnancy won’t fix the couple’s reported marital issues. On Instagram, Hailey, 27, and Justin, 30, shared a video that looked like a vow renewal, with Hailey in a white dress. In the pictures Hailey held her baby bump.
In the comments on post, many fans and celebrity friends congratulated them on the pregnancy news.

However, Hailey and Justin Bieber have recently been in the spotlight due to rumors of a possible divorce. Although they frequently appear together in public, body language experts have noticed subtle signs that may indicate underlying issues in their seemingly ideal relationship. Some photos of the couple have sparked doubts about their compatibility, leading to questions about the stability of their relationship. Experts have pointed out a lack of connection during their public appearances, noting that the couple often avoids making eye contact with each other.

Many people left unpleasant comments on Hailey’s Instagram post where she shared her pregnancy news. “Babies don’t save marriages and definitely don’t keep a man,” one follower commented. “She finally trapped him then,” another user wrote. “People still think they can solve marriage problems with pregnancy,” added another follower.

However, many fans defended Hailey. “Hailey, keep your peace and either turn off your comments or don’t share with these people anymore,” someone suggested. “These comments are exactly why she was scared to have a child in the first place and it’s truly sad. You really need to move on from the past and let them be happy,” another follower wrote.

Hailey has previously expressed her fears about raising her child in the public eye due to potential criticism. The beautiful model and successful entrepreneur couldn’t hide her excitement when talking about her plans to have children. Nonetheless, she candidly shared her real worries about bringing up a child under such intense public scrutiny.


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