The Secret Message Princess Catherine Hid for the Public in Her Look

3 weeks ago

After nearly six months away from the public eye, Catherine, Princess of Wales, made a stunning return to the royal spotlight, blending timeless glamour with contemporary elegance. At Trooping the Colour, her choice of an upcycled designer dress, a chic hat, and a nod to Hollywood’s golden era reaffirmed her status as a style icon. However, it is well-known that royals don't choose their outfits by chance.

Catherine's appearance became notable and had a special meaning.

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Catherine’s appearance at Trooping the Colour was especially significant because she has been undergoing preventive chemotherapy for cancer found during surgery in January. Despite her health struggles, she showed amazing strength and grace, looking every bit the perfect princess. Her outfit stood out, even more than those of Queen Camilla, Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, and King Charles.

Catherine wore a carefully chosen look with a tilted Philip Treacy hat and elegant white leather Jimmy Choo heels, showing her deep understanding of her role and what the public loves to see. Every detail of her outfit seemed to send a message of resilience and continuity. Her graceful presence and thoughtful fashion choices were a powerful reminder of her dedication to her royal duties and her connection with the people.

The meaning of white color


Catherine understands the communicative power of color. Her choice of a white dress for her return to royal duties was deliberate. White symbolizes purity, innocence, and new beginnings. It also connects to a tradition: Catherine, along with other royals, wore white to King Charles’ coronation, mirroring Queen Elizabeth’s white dress at her 1953 coronation.

For Trooping the Colour, Catherine revamped her dress with a black waistband and a dramatic striped bow at the neckline. White, often associated with medical professionals, subtly acknowledges her health journey, while the upcycled dress signals a return to normalcy. Upcycling is a common practice among royals, with Charles, Princess Anne, and Camilla frequently re-wearing cherished pieces.

It was an ode to My Fair Lady.

Catherine’s ensemble also drew inspiration from the classic film My Fair Lady, adding fresh elements like a striped bow that evoked Audrey Hepburn’s iconic Edwardian-style dress. This look has been a red carpet staple for its elegance and sophistication.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, previously honored this style at Royal Ascot in 2018 with a Givenchy dress and Treacy hat. Catherine’s outfit, however, was a more comprehensive tribute, akin to Nicole Kidman’s bold choice at Derby Day in 2012. The striped bow and tilted hat directly referenced Hepburn’s costume, minus the lace parasol.

In My Fair Lady, Eliza Doolittle’s transformation from a flower girl to a society lady is marked by her appearance at Royal Ascot, where she is mistaken for royalty. Catherine’s mastery of this sartorial lesson shows that while clothes may not make the man, a well-chosen dress can certainly make the princess.

Other interesting details of her look


Catherine’s white Jimmy Choo heels have been a staple at numerous events, complemented by her $6,059 pearl cluster earrings from Cassandra Goad, first seen at Prince Louis’ christening. Her collaboration with designer Jenny Packham and Irish milliner Treacy has produced many memorable looks, including dresses for state dinners and the striking gold gown for the No Time to Die premiere. Treacy's hats have been a consistent choice for Catherine at Trooping the Colour.

Catherine’s attire also paid homage to her role as Colonel of the Irish Guards, despite her absence at a recent ceremony where new regimental colors were presented by King Charles. Catherine sent a heartfelt congratulatory letter signed "Colonel Catherine," reinforcing her connection to the regiment.

We send our heartfelt wishes for strong health to Princess Catherine. May she continue to inspire us with her strength and grace. We look forward to hearing more positive news about her recovery and seeing her radiant presence in the future.

Preview photo credit JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/East News, A.A. Gill / Alamy Stock Photo, My Fair Lady / Warner Bros.


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