The Ultimate Guide for Learning How to Whistle

year ago

Have you always wanted to be able to whistle but never managed to work out how it’s done? Well, today you’re finally going to learn the solution.

  1. Form the letter ’A’ with your index and middle fingers, with your remaining fingers curled as if you were forming a fist.
  1. Suck your lips in slightly, curling them around your teeth. It might take several attempts to work out exactly how much you need to tighten your lips.
  1. Now you need to move your tongue into the correct position. Using your fingers, carefully press your tongue back into your mouth, and gently press its tip downwards. You should end up with a ’curve’ formed from your tongue. Your fingers should be no more than about one quarter inside your mouth.
  1. Breathe out through the air passage that’s formed in your mouth. If it feels like the air is passing only over your lower lip, then you’ve done it correctly. If it seems to be passing by your upper lip as well, you need to reduce the size of the air passage using your fingers.

Illustrated by Ksenia Shvedova exclusively for Bright Side

Please note: This article was updated in November 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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