“The World’s Hottest Grandma,” 52, Shares the Secret to Her Blooming Beauty

8 months ago

When we hear the word “grandma,” our minds associate it with an elderly woman with gray hair and wrinkles of wisdom on her face. Gina Stewart is a woman who’s causing a real revolution as she redefines the word “grandma” in the most beautiful way possible. The woman proves age is just a number, and at 52 years old, she’s even looking for a young prince to conquer her heart.

Gina Stewart has a big family and is already a grandma.

We all age differently. For many people, aging means getting some wrinkles here and there, gaining some extra pounds, and so on and so forth.

But as it turns out, this is not the case for everyone. Some people want to stay young no matter what. Gina Stewart, for example, is a woman who holds the title of “The Hottest Grandma in the World.”

This woman from Australia is 52 years old and has 4 children: James, 31; Casey, 29; Cody, 26; and Summer, 8; along with one grandchild.

Stewart is single and looking for real love.

The 52-year-old beauty says that men of all ages try to get her attention, but as a mom she tries to be “careful” about who she chooses to be a stepfather to her kids.

“I’m single, and I think as I have become older, and I have a daughter, I have become careful as to who I let into my life,” the model explained in an interview.

“I’m not actually looking for anyone in particular. I believe that if I’m destined to find love it will happen, and I will just fall in love probably when I least expect it,” added Stewart.

The woman is a big fan of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Stewart has a separate page on Instagram that’s dedicated to her tips on how to stay young and beautiful. There, she shares some really cool pieces of advice, each based on her own lifestyle.

The caption in her bio reads, “Health, wealth, well-being, mind, body, spirit. Water is life. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

The 52-year-old beauty is a fan of physical activity, as well as a positive mindset. She believes these things help to achieve outstanding goals for those who don’t want to age. Stewart promotes the idea of eating healthy food, and apples and avocados seem to be her favorites in her beauty routine.

The woman also advises soaking in hot tubs and praises the effect of spas.

Gina Stewart is not the only one who inspires people with her never-fading beauty. The story of another woman, Joleen Diaz, is just as fascinating as Stewart, as she looks as young as her daughter and even goes out with her on double dates. Get your daily dose of inspiration from these incredible women right now!


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