This Artist Creates Dreamy Disney Mash-Ups, and Keanu Reeves as a Prince Is Perfection

2 years ago

Just say the word Disney and you get lost in a magical world of make-believe. From the princesses to the pirates, and now the Avengers, Disney is what dreams are made of. The characters are larger than life and voiced so beautifully, it’s easy to forget they’re not real, but the voices behind them are. So meet Crystal Ro, a big Disney fan who has created some fantastic Disney mash-ups.

Bright Side is happy to share her beautiful art that brings to light the voiceover artists behind Disney’s popular characters. Plus, a special Disney prince and princess are waiting for you at the end.

1. Kristen Bell is Anna from Frozen (2013)

One of Ro’s art projects was using the voiceover artist as the face of the Disney character. For instance, here’s Kristen Bell who plays the big-hearted Princess Anna in the Disney hit franchise, Frozen.

Ro says, “There’s been a lot of so and so as Disney Princesses in the past, and I think at one point I wondered what the voice actors would look like as their actual characters. So that was pretty much the jumping-off point for that series.”

2. Idina Menzel is Elsa from Frozen (2013)

Idina Menzel is the voice of Princess/Queen Elsa, the icy older sister to Anna in Frozen and also the voice behind the powerful song, “Let It Go,” from the movie.

3. Mandy Moore is Rapunzel from Tangled (2010)

One can’t quite equate the short-haired Rebecca Pearson from This Is Us with the long-haired Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled, but there you have it. And she made the most beautiful singing voice for the character as well.

4. Zachary Levi is Flynn Rider from Tangled (2010)

Zachary Levi may have shifted from Disney to DC as Shazam, but Disney fans would remember him as the man with the rakish charm who stole the lost princess’s tiara in Tangled.

5. Kelly McDonald is Merida from Brave (2012)

Merida, the Disney Princess of DunBroch from the Scottish Highland-based 2012 movie, Brave, is voiced by 45-year-old Kelly Macdonald, also seen in No Country for Old Men.

6. Emma Thompson is Queen Elinor from Brave (2012)

In Brave, the role of Queen Elinor is voiced by Emma Thompson, more recently seen in Disney’s latest adaptation of 101 Dalmations, Cruella.

7. Tim Allen is Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story (1995)

Who knew that the fixer-upper from the hit sitcom, Home Improvement, Tim Allen, would go on to voice one of the most iconic Disney characters? Tim Allen is the Toy Story franchise’s Buzz Lightyear, the toy who doesn’t believe he’s actually a toy.

And now, Chris Evans, a.k.a. Captain America, has taken on the role.

8. Keanu Reeves as the best Disney prince ever

While he does his John Wick roles very well, Reeves is one of the Internet’s favorite people, and with good cause. Ro says, “I think Keanu Reeves lends himself naturally to being a prince. He is the ’Internet’s boyfriend’ after all. So it seemed like a natural fit. Everyone loves Keanu, and everyone loves Disney princes! It’s the perfect match.”

Bonus: Baby Yoda as various Disney princesses

Baby Yoda does make for a most adorable Disney princess. And Ro said it basically started off as a joke, and she had drawn several other characters as Disney princesses before. When The Mandalorian trended and Baby Yoda was just about everywhere, Ro thought, “Well, guess I need to draw Baby Yoda as Disney princesses.”

Both Keanu Reeves as a Disney Prince and Baby Yoda as a Disney Princess went viral on several social media accounts, which, for Ro, “was fun to see.” She’s always happy when her artwork resonates with audiences.

Which of Crystal Ro’s works tugged at your heartstrings the most? We’ll probably be dreaming of Keanu Reeves tonight, won’t you? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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