This Is What 13 Disney Studs Would Look Like If They Were Plus-Size

3 years ago

The characters in our favorite cartoons and animated films often have gorgeous bodies. So that made us wonder: how would they look if they gained a few extra pounds? We already wrote an article about female characters from some of the most popular Disney movies as plus-size, and today, we decided to do the same experiment but with the studs that gave us heart-eyes when we were younger.

And because there’s nothing wrong with putting that diet aside for a while, Bright Side’s illustration team imagined what these 13 studs would like with a little extra weight. Take a look and enjoy.

1. Aladdin

2. Eric

3. Henry

4. Adam

5. Naveen

6. Li Shang

7. Tarzan

8. Gaston

9. Phillip

10. John Smith

11. Hercules

12. Flynn

13. Kronk

What other characters would you like to see with a different body? And what changes would you like us to show?

Preview photo credit Tarzan / Walt Disney Pictures


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world, be ready for plus-sized characters that aren't spoiled or too rich!?


You know what, I loved this article. I am very happy with the "Standards" starting to change and actually people are redefining "normal". What's wrong with plus size? Nothing is wrong! And to be honest I really like the way those figures look. Especially Hercules!!!!


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