This Mom Photographs Little Girls as Athletic Princesses to Show That Girls Don’t Have to Choose Between Being Strong and Feminine

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Little girls are innocent, but that doesn’t mean they’re weak. Children surprise us in many ways, and girls do it by looking delicate while holding a solid power to follow their will on the inside. It’s sort of a “girl paradox,” and that’s what Heather Mitchell from HMP Couture Imagery reveals in a series of photographs. She portrays girls as princesses and athletes. They’re dressed in dazzling gowns and holding basketballs and baseball bats. The “helpless girl” becomes the “independent girl” who can do the most delicate and the toughest job. And the story behind the pictures is what takes the prize.

Join Bright Side in taking a peek at the story and at these gorgeous and inspiring shots.

1. Heather Mitchell was at her daughter Paislee’s softball practice when she made a confession to another mom.

2. She wished her girl loved the game because she’s athletic.

3. The mom’s response took her by surprise: No, she’s a girly girl.

4. But that casual comment got Heather thinking.

5. She realized that girls shouldn’t have to choose between being girly and athletic: They can be both.

6. So she took some photos of her daughter in a princess dress, holding softballs.

7. The pics went viral and the next day she was flooded with messages: Other moms wanted their girls to be photographed like Paislee!

8. So she held some photo sessions to help other girls prove they don’t fit in just one box.

9. That’s why this photoshoot is named: “Because you can do it all.”

10. But these little girls already knew they could do it all.

11. During the sessions they had a blast.

12. They were proud to show off both their tough and delicate sides.

13. They pose with flower crowns, while holding baseballs.

14. Or hold their baseball glove, while wearing a tulle dream dress with matching sneakers.

15. And a soft pinkish background gives a fairy tale look to the scenes.

16. Princesses or champions? More like Princesses and champions.

Delicacy can also be strong, and girls and women prove this daily. What’s the best part about being a girl? And, if you have one, what do you think is the hardest part of raising a girl? Type your comments below!


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If she had boys, would she make the same photo session - dresses and sports equipment? :D


Love this mom's idea :)

Hate it when everyone says "don't do this, don't do that, you are a girl!".. yeah, so what? I can choose myself, people..


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