Try Out These 8 Products That Will Entertain You for Hours (and They Are on Sale!)

5 months ago

A word of advice: Keep your brain busy. It could be anything. Even a simple crossword or sudoku will keep your mind sharper than ever, even when you are older. And it doesn’t have to be boring at all. The funnier, the better.

So here is a great selection of brain-teasers and games that’ll make time just fly by. Also, you can save a little because all of them have a nice discount!

1. This exciting card game features a random-action launcher with lights and sounds. It will keep you and your friends occupied for hours.

It is perfect for a game night. It is just like the classic UNO card game, but with an element of surprise because of the card launcher — you never know how many cards will shoot out. Each player still needs to match colors and numbers to the top of the discard pile, and when they are down to one card, they have to shout out “UNO!”

WARNING: The toy produces flashes that can trigger epilepsy. It is also not suitable for children under 36 months. Adult supervision is required.

Promising review:

Amazing game to play with friends and family. I recommend. — Daniel Duarte

2. This super fun party game is all about you. Take turns being in the hot seat!

The player in the “hot seat” draws a card and reads a question. Then all players must anonymously answer it. After that, the answers are read aloud, and everybody has to guess which response was written by the player in the “seat.”

Promising review:

It’s really interesting and fun to play with your friends. You don’t have to be the closest of friends, but make sure everyone is equally close to each other. — Eric Zhuang

3. Tease your brain with a great wooden puzzle box. It can also be a nice way to store small things, like, jewelry or a few gift cards.

This puzzle box with a secret compartment can not only train your dexterity but also relieve stress and improve your mood. Great gift choice as well.

Promising review:

I brought this for my partner thinking it would keep him going for a while, but he had it solved in about 10 minutes. I, however, was stumped. Well-made, looks nice, and I would recommend it. — Joanna s.

4. Challenge your mind with this juicy-looking brain-teaser. It really makes you think.

It features 300 brain-boosting puzzles. Gameplay is for a single player. The box includes the pieces, a challenge book, and instructions.

Promising review:

Remember the Rubik’s cube? Well, that looked simple. I can do it in 4 minutes. This, however, is designed for kids. I am 50 and cannot get past level 21!
2D I dare not try the 3D version that comes with it, but another thing: do not even bother looking for solutions as there are NONE online. Excellent brain puzzle. — Toby Bear.

5. Let this maze box puzzle distract you. It is classic, simple, and anything but boring.

This maze is rather compact and easy to use. You can even occupy your brain while on your lunch break. And you can use it to store things.

Promising review:

We were given it as a birthday present. A simple present that the 16-year-old still uses. Almost like a fidget toy. — carl petch

6. Check out this wooden lock with an attached metal key. The detail is absolutely amazing!

It is well-crafted and good-looking. The product makes a perfect gift for any mind puzzle enthusiast.

Promising review:

Absolutely love the detail of this lock and appreciate the fluid moments of each individual moving part. It’s well crafted, and I’ll most certainly be acquiring the rest of this fabulous collection. — KGB13

7. These 6 3D wooden puzzles just look simple, but they are very hard to solve. The set comes in magnificent packaging and makes a very cool present.

Every piece is handcrafted and completely unique. They are made from premium-grade, fully organic wood. They are also environmentally friendly and made using non-toxic paints.

Promising review:

This gift was going to be split up to go in various stockings, but it was so beautifully presented that it was left whole. Good value. — Kindle Customer

8. This Rubik’s set will keep your mind energized. The world’s best-known addictive puzzle will leave no one indifferent.

The set consists of the 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4 classic cubes. Instruction booklets are included. It also comes in eco packaging.

Promising review:

Great set of Rubik’s puzzling cubes...and a step-by-step guide...although the 4×4 is still messing with my head!!... — fms

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