We Used AI to Show You What Women From Different Nations Look Like

year ago

In today’s modern world, we can often stumble upon new trends and tools that can make our lives and work easier and more fun. Some of these tools are DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion — Artificial Intelligence that takes a text caption and generates images to match it.

We at Bright Side were excited to find out that pictures can be created based on our instructions, and we couldn’t wait for another second to try it. And the coolest part is that the people, places, and things in these 17 photos are not real and do not exist.

1. Iceland

2. Ethiopia

3. Italy

4. Nepal

5. Moldova

6. Morocco

7. Cuba

8. India

9. France

10. Tibet

11. Brazil

12. Cyprus

13. Indonesia

14. Spain

15. Guatemala

16. Norway

17. Peru

Would you have known that these weren’t real photographs if we hadn’t mentioned that we created them with the help of AI?


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I wanted to see what you thought English looked like.


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