We’re Not Quite Sure Why You Don’t Own These 11 Genius Products

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Oil stains can be removed from clothes by applying baby powder to the stain and letting it sit to absorb the oil. To open any stubborn jar, like a pickle container, put its lid under hot water for one minute. You will be able to open it without any help. It’s not just life hacks that can be so ingenious, but also certain products that will make your daily life even easier.

1. This cable box is your solution for managing annoying desktop and floor wires. It will help free up space and make electricity less accessible to curious pets and babies.

This cable box blends in with any interior. It has 3 cable inputs and outputs at the back, so you can use it to always maintain a neat appearance. The box has rounded ends and a polished lid — it could be used as a stand for additional items. Dimensions: 325 mm x 125 mm x 115 mm. Also available in other sizes.

Promising review:

I’m very pleased with the tidy box as it has been the perfect solution for hiding away the 6 gang extension lead behind my TV. Combined with some cable wrap, I have been able to hide and protect all the cables to and from the TV from my 2 curious kittens. @ Amazon Customer

2. Make your clothes and furniture look like new! This machine is ideal for removing lint from clothes and fabrics like sheets and blankets, and also from sofas and beds.

This razor has a handle that is comfortable to hold. It is also cordless. It is suitable for almost any fabric and it comes with 2 extra blades. You also get a zippered pouch for easy carrying.

Promising review:

I have had so many lint removers over my lifetime. All of them have been battery-operated, which has meant constantly buying really big batteries and having to keep spares because they would always die on you when you desperately needed to use them. The fact that it has a case was a plus. The actual lint remover is so tactile and comfortable to use. I like the fact that it is a plug-in, so you don’t have to worry about it stopping halfway through with batteries. I love how robust it feels, especially when removing the container with the lint in it. Overall, I am glad that I purchased it and will be purchasing another one as a gift. If you are on the fence and are wondering whether to buy it, don’t. Just get it — you won’t regret it. To the people that say it takes a long time to remove the lint from the garment, you are going to get that with any lint remover, but this is the smoothest and quickest that I have had. I also like the “lifetime replacement guarantee.” Where can you get that these days? @ Mrs. Nicola Dunning

3. Countertops and cabinets stay clean and uncluttered with this separating compact organizer. It has 3 sections. The set comes in 2 pieces.

The organizer separates your items to protect them from scratches and scuffs. Transparency will make it easy to find any of your things. Made of durable, unbreakable plastic. Easy care: wash with mild soap and water.

Promising review:

I bought these to put on my shelf. They fit perfectly. I can get 2 shoulder bags in one slot and a big leather tote bag in the others. It is thick and heavy. Made well. @ Ria

4. This ultraviolet flashlight will help you both at home and when you’re out. For example, you will be able to detect your pet’s mischief or check for counterfeit bills.

This flashlight is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy that is scratch-resistant and fade-resistant. A wrist strap is included for easy carrying. Easy to use—just one button. It can be used in the rain. 3 AAA batteries are included.

Promising review:

I initially bought this to go hunting for “uranium” glass, the stuff that glows under UV light, but found a better use for it. If you are unsure about just how “dirty” your home is, then this is the thing for you. Switch your lights off and switch this bad boy on and stare in wonder at the filth that glows brightly in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom! I tried it in the kitchen, and boy, do I wish I hadn’t. We are by no means dirty by our living standards, but I was amazed at how much dirt showed up under the UV light. The wife and I spent an entire day cleaning our kitchen, and I wouldn’t mind, but it’s tiny, at around 10 feet by 8 feet in size. Be careful what you shine it on, is all I will say. @ The Yorkshire Digger

5. These glasses will protect your eyes from harmful computer rays. In addition to the blue-light-blocking glasses, the kit includes a microfiber pouch, an eyeglass cleaning cloth, a test flashlight, a blue light test card, and a nicely designed box.

These blue light protection glasses strike a good balance between a retro frame and a fashionable style, which can be suitable for your work and daily life. The versatile style and size fit both men and women. They are also suitable for most face shapes. Silicone nose pads can reduce the strain on your nose.

Promising review:

I literally cannot stress enough how amazing these glasses are. As a receptionist who works in front of a screen all day, they have stopped my headaches, and I no longer have to squint while looking at the screen. I even wear them at home when watching TV and playing video games. They come in a lovely black case with a lens cleaner and also come with a blue light demonstration kit inside so you can see for yourself how the technology works. I even drop them quite often and leave them face down on the desk at work a lot, yet there’s not a single scratch on them. The best item I’ve ever bought and amazing value for the money, 10/10. @ Holly Saunders

6. These dishwasher signs are made with sturdy and soft magnets on the back. But there are also double-sided stickers in case your dishwasher is not magnetic. The stickers leave no residue on the surface.

The size of the magnet is 17.78 cm x 5.08 cm. The inscriptions are also clearly visible from afar. There is no longer a need to open the dishwasher to check whether it is clean or not. The smooth mechanism makes it easy to slide.

Promising review:

Easy to use. It comes with adhesive pads for those without magnetic appliances. I can’t leave a review on those, as I used the magnet. A very strong magnet — hasn’t moved since I put it on and also doesn’t move when I slide it left and right. Feels sturdy and well-made. Used this on a dishwasher — it was much easier just to look at the front to see whether it was clean or dirty without having to open it to see every time. Would definitely buy again. @ Gez

7. This pouch is an extremely effective air purifier that naturally absorbs odors, harmful pollutants, and moisture. Filled with just one powerful ingredient: bamboo charcoal.

Perfect for refrigerators, freezers, clothes, and shoes. The suction cup allows you to attach it wherever you want. With regular rejuvenation, the bag will last up to 2 years! Just place it in the sun once a month for one hour. After 2 years as an air purifier, the bamboo charcoal inside can be sprinkled in your garden to encourage plant growth.

Promising review:

My fridge is only 6 months old and has developed a sour smell. Despite cleaning every inch of it, washing everything in it, and clearing the drain, the smell returned after a few days. I had bowls of coffee grinds and baking soda, and it still persisted. I bought this product, and within a couple of days, the fridge smelled fresh and has remained that way. It suctions neatly to the fridge wall and is odorless. Thoroughly recommend. @ smay

8. This shampoo treats and prevents not only dandruff but also the inflammation associated with dandruff by relieving redness and itching of the scalp. Its focused action specifically targets the underlying cause of dandruff while being pleasantly gentle on your hair, and odorless.

This product — Nizoral — contains ketoconazole, the active ingredient in the treatment for dandruff. It is dermatologically-tested and contains no fragrances. It is suitable for all hair types. The volume is 60 ml.

Promising review:

Fantastic for scalp dermatitis and fungal infections. You just need a very small bit to work up a nice foam, so it’s also cost-effective. Cleared up my scalp problem in just a few washes, but I’ll keep using it as I’m worried my dandruff-like scalp condition will recur if I stop. @ H. Greyling

9. These cute cable protectors will reduce the chance of wire breakage. Simply put the ones you like on both sides of the cable. There are 21 different pieces in the kit!

This set of cable protection covers contains many cute shapes, like sea animals, small insects, fruit, and food. You will have enough to protect every wire at home and maybe even to share with friends! They feel nice to the touch and they are odorless, soft, and durable, and the bright colors won’t fade.

Promising review:

These are a cute and cost-effective way to protect your cords. I wanted something to protect my USB cable for my MacBook from fraying. This pack is adorable, the material sort of reminds me of an AirPods case I have (hard silicone). I’m definitely going to be sharing these with friends! They are too cute not to. @ Arielle

10. This reusable cleaner will make your jewelry look like new in seconds! It’s a special pen that’s easy to use and carry.

The gel inside the pens contains micro-dispersed cleaning and polishing agents that make diamonds shine and sparkle. The formula also contains a special polymer that fills in any tiny scratches in the setting. The soft, bristly brush goes into hard-to-reach places without scratching.

Promising review:

I didn’t think it would make my ring that sparkly, but it would serve as a good in-between as I get it professionally cleaned annually. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this works — I swear by it now. @ Amazon Customer

11. 2 hand warmers that will fit in your pockets. They will keep you warm while playing outdoor sports, hiking, skiing, and walking your dog in cold weather. They are rechargeable.

Simply select one of the 3 different heating modes: 104-113°F (low), 113-122°F (medium), 122-131°F (high). Press the switch and keep your hands warm continuously for 4–8 hours. It comes with 2 hand warmers, 2 USB memory sticks, 2 straps, and one storage pouch.

Promising review:

What a nifty little gadget! It really does wonders for keeping your hands, tummy, or back warm. For my tummy or back, I just slip them in the waist band of my trousers. I could use 2 storage bags for when I separate it into 2 pieces. I showed them (heated) to a friend, and she promptly bought them for herself. @ GL

Which 2 products, that you own, would you call genius and advise everyone you know to get?

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