What 13 Disney Princesses Would Look Like With More Realistic Features

3 years ago

We’re used to seeing tiny or round noses, and petite and thin bodies. We don’t bat an eye if a Disney character has a huge head or enormous eyes. And although these exaggerated features are far from resembling real people, they’re part of what makes these cartoon characters so charming. But... what if they were modified to have more human bodies? What would these characters look like?

Here at Bright Side, we like to experiment and fill your days with new possibilities, just like we did in the article where we transformed Disney princesses into plus-size girls. Now it’s time to see them with more human features. At the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus that includes other characters with facial features that aren’t too far from reality.

1. Merida

2. Elsa

3. Anna

4. Pocahontas

5. Ariel

6. Rapunzel

7. Belle

8. Vanellope

9. Jasmine

10. Cinderella

11. Snow White

12. Moana

13. Tiana

Bonus: We didn’t just do makeovers with princesses. Look at these other memorable characters with more human features.


Robert, Mr. Incredible

Carl Fredricksen

Had you noticed these details in Disney characters? Why do you think they have such intense and surreal features? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Preview photo credit Tangled / Disney


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Many of them actually look the same either way
But some characters like Vanellope looked older
Actually they are supposed to be small and cute, why did you make them adults Brightside?


Am I the only one who thinks that the artist has Used SAME EYES on every character, like why'd Pocahontas have squinting eyes, when have you seen an African with tiny eyes like chinese?


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