What 20 Animals Would Look Like Without Their Iconic Patterns

3 years ago

Most animals have patterns on their bodies due to adaptation. These give the animals a higher chance of survival in the wild, as it usually protects them from predators or helps them remain unnoticed by their prey. In some cases, like with peacocks, the colorful “eyes” on their tails help them with their romantic endeavors.

We at Bright Side were curious and created a list to help us imagine some of these animals without their patterns.

1. Panda

2. Giraffe

3. Zebra

4. Tiger

5. Cow

6. Peacock

7. Cheetah

8. Wood duck

9. Mandrill

10. Penguin

11. Badger

12. Bald eagle

13. Okapi

14. Lemur

15. Scarlet macaw

16. Raccoon

17. Woodpecker

18. Chameleon

19. Siberian Husky

20. Red panda

Which animal looked better without their patterns? What other animals do you want to see on the list? Tell us about it in the comments!


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