What Could Happen to Your Body If You Have Too Much Screen Time

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We all have to admit that we spend a large part of our day on our phones. As the world becomes increasingly dependent upon technology, our lives have also begun to revolve around our screens. Although there are many ways in which phones have made our lives significantly easier, there are many negative effects that excessive screen time can have on our bodies and minds.

Bright Side found 6 ways too much screen time can impact you and wanted to share them with you.

1. You could develop digestion issues.

One of the most common effects of excessive screen time is digestion issues. According to studies, the GI tract and our brains communicate with each other through “the brain-gut axis.” This axis is facilitated by cells in our bodies, which is why whenever we experience less physical activity and remain sedentary on our phones, this brain-gut connection is affected. What results are cramps, constipation, abdominal pain, and stool accidents.

2. It can make your teeth less healthy.

The more time we spend on our phones, the less healthy our teeth get. This is because being glued to a screen most of the time results in increased snacking, and the mindless munching on unhealthy foods, like sodas, sugary snacks, and chips, can negatively impact your oral health. After all, if our hands aren’t busy, we subconsciously begin mindlessly snacking and destroying our teeth.

3. Your emotional judgement can be weakened.

Not only does more screen time make us less social, as we aren’t interacting directly with people, but this isolation from others can also impair our emotional judgment. This is especially true with children who are deprived of real-life interactions, and they can develop anti-social tendencies. One big concern is how this can expose them to violent media and desensitize them. Our emotional judgment is permanently altered from more screen time.

4. It can lower your self-esteem.

It’s no surprise that our self-esteem can take a hit when we spend too much time online. The lack of interaction with other people can significantly reduce a person’s confidence. And when you spend so much time on social media sites worrying about your online presence, it can instill anxiety about your self-image. For children, this can lead to body image issues.

5. It can lead to obesity.

When we spend so much time watching television or scrolling on our phones, we are at greater risk of obesity. Not only is it easier to eat unhealthy foods while watching TV, but numerous advertisements for unhealthy foods online target vulnerable children. Many studies have shown a direct link between more screen time and increased obesity. Children can be at risk of childhood obesity since the lack of physical activity and more snacking can impact their health.

6. It can cause severe back and neck pain.

Poor posture can be one of the worst effects of too much screen time, since we remain hunched over for long periods of time without realizing it. This can lead to severe neck and back pain from bending over our devices constantly. The reason this happens is when we look down, unnatural stress is placed on our necks, and our spine is put in an unnatural position. It can also lead to a stress injury called text neck.

How much time do you spend in front of the screen? Do you know of any other impacts too much screen time can have on your health? Share them with us.

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