What Happens to Your Hair When You Cut Back on Coffee

2 years ago

Most of us have thought about quitting coffee at some point in our lives. But apart from struggling to face the day without your morning cuppa Joe, you might be missing out on some benefits for the health and beauty of your hair. As it turns out, coffee can do much more than help you to get out of bed in the morning.

We at Bright Side can’t imagine a day without a cup of Java. And we decided to find out what might happen to your hair if you decide to quit drinking coffee.

1. Your hair growth may slow down.

If you’re trying to grow your hair faster, having a cup of coffee a day can actually help you get longer strands. Caffeine targets dihydrotestosterone — a hormone that may cause hair loss. It also assists hair cells in producing more organic compounds that help the hair when it’s in the active growing phase.

2. Your hair may lose its shine.

While applying hair serums and conditioners can help you revive lifeless hair, it only provides temporary results. Apart from many other health benefits, drinking coffee can also breathe new life into dull hair. Because caffeine increases blood circulation, it helps to deliver nutrients to the hair roots, making your strands naturally glossy.

3. It might become more brittle.

In addition to keeping you awake in the morning, coffee can strengthen your hair from within. Increased blood flow to the scalp prevents the hair follicles from becoming weak, preventing hair loss and making your hair smoother and stronger.

4. It may become less voluminous.

While most hair care products that contain caffeine can only make the hair appear fuller, drinking coffee actually helps the chemical reach the hair follicles. Because caffeine improves blood flow, it also helps hair grow thicker and fuller.

5. Your hair may be harder to manage.

Although the texture of your hair is mainly determined by genetics, your eating and drinking habits can also affect the quality of your hair. Apart from making the hair stronger and shinier, caffeine may help you tame unruly hair. When the hair roots get enough essential vitamins and nutrients, it eventually makes your hair softer and more manageable.

Have you ever tried to quit coffee? Do you know of any other ways to use it to rejuvenate your hair?

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This isn’t accurate from what I’ve read in multiple scientific studies. Caffeine reduces oxygenation in the blood and also reduces blood volume.
uhhh, someone says coffee is bad for you, someone says it's good

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