What the Characters From “Despicable Me” Would Look Like If They Had More Realistic Features

3 years ago

Our favorite animated characters usually have exaggerated facial features to make them seem more expressive, like large eyes and mouths, a head that’s too disproportionate to the rest of the body, arms and legs that are way too thin, and more. But what if their features were more realistic?

Bright Side wanted to find the answer to this question, and it didn’t take long for our illustrators to show it to us. Of course, they didn’t forget about the adorable minions. Please tell us in the comment section if you also pictured them this way.

1. Fred

2. A carnival worker

3. Mr. Perkins

4. Miss Hattie

5. Marlena

6. Dr. Nefario

7. Edith

8. Margo

9. Agnes

10. Vector

11. Mark

12. Phil

13. Jerry

14. Tim

15. Dave

16. Bob

17. Stuart

18. Gru

Do you think the minions would look this way if they were real? Or did you picture them totally different? Who’s your favorite minion?


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the minions lose then charm if they look like humans, I prefer the yellow versions :D


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