What the Popular Beauties of Today and the Past Looked Like at the Same Age

4 years ago

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer girls whose age is easy to guess, based solely on their appearance. Almost all teenagers use beauty products to look older and older women get beauty injections and have plastic surgeries in order to look younger. Just 10 years ago, it was much easier to tell how old someone was.

We at Bright Side compared the popular stars of the previous century to those from modern times in order to show how much the beauty tendencies have changed in the past decades.

Jessica Lange and Lindsay Lohan — 33 years old

Cameron Diaz and Maisie Williams — 22 years old

Pamela Anderson and Jessica Alba — 38 years old

Drew Barrymore and Elle Fanning — 21 years old

Halle Berry and Tessa Thompson — 36 years old

Goldie Hawn and Kendall Jenner — 24 years old

Courtney Love and Annabelle Wallis — 35 years old

Gwen Stefani and Emma Watson — 29 years old

Natalie Portman and Millie Bobby Brown — 13 years old

Jane Fonda and Shakira — 42 years old

Meg Ryan and Priyanka Chopra — 37 years old

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lily-Rose Melody Depp — 20 years old

Sophie Marceau and Mackenzie Foy — 18 years old

Sharon Stone and Cara Delevingne — 27 years old

Michelle Pfeiffer and Gigi Hadid — 24 years old

Liv Tyler and Sophia Lillis — 17 years old

Jennifer Connelly and Lily Collins — 30 years old

Brooke Shields and Nikki Reed — 31 years old

Susan Sarandon and Gwendoline Christie — 41 years old

Charlize Theron and Saoirse Ronan — 25 years old

Which celebrities and Hollywood stars of the 1990s and the 2000s did you especially like?


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Some look good, some look ugly and sone don't even look human because of too much surgery ?


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