“We Were Very Working Class,” What Victoria Beckham’s Childhood Was Actually Like

7 months ago

In a recent documentary about David Beckham’s life, Victoria claimed her family was “very working class”. David peeped out from behind the door and interrupted his wife, confronting her about what her childhood was actually like. The clip appeared on social media, and it didn’t take long for people to make it go viral.

A documentary about David came out on Netflix.

A documentary about David Beckham’s life was released on Netflix. The film director Fisher Stevens told the story of the famous footballer — from the star’s career to his private life. Stevens admitted that spending 30 hours interviewing David had felt like being a therapist.

The series is divided into 4 parts. It covers such important moments of Beckham’s life as leaving the working class, meeting Victoria, and the relationship with his Manchester United manager.

Victoria claimed her family was working class.

The documentary wouldn’t be complete if Victoria hadn’t got some screen time. The star was interviewed in the documentary as well.

She was telling some details about her childhood. Apparently, wanting to share a story that would prove how far she’s come. Victoria told the off-camera interviewer, “We were very, very working class”.

David interrupted her.

David peeped out from behind the door and playfully said, “Be honest!”. Victoria replied, “I am honest!” Yet, David insisted that she tell the truth. Victoria refused to back down, saying, “I am being honest”

Then David asked a tricky question, “What car did your dad drive you to school in?” Victoria tried to avoid answering it, but David kept asking. Finally, she gave in and said, “In the 80s, my dad had a Rolls-Royce.”

People praise him for that.

Once the clip appeared on social media, it didn’t take long for users to make it go viral. Many were making jokes about how David playfully interrupted Victoria. They praised his honesty and sense of humor.

Others were quite indignant about the fact that she pretended to be “working class”. However, some fans suspect that this unexpected “twist” was intentional and was aimed at making the documentary more popular.

Victoria’s childhood wasn’t an unhappy one.

The star is also known as Posh Spice since she was a member of Spice Girls. In fact, she was born in an upper-middle-class family. Her father, Anthony Adams, worked as an electronic engineer and her mother, Jacqueline, was an insurance clerk and a hairdresser. Victoria grew up in comfort as her parents owned an electronics wholesale business.

Her parents encouraged her to study acting, music, dancing, and modelling. The star was embarrassed of her family’s wealth and often told her father not to drive her to school in the Rolls-Royce.

We have some more stories about the famous family. In this article, Victoria admits David has never seen her without her eyebrows on, despite being married for 24 years.

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