When Having a Pet Is Like Watching a Comedy Show From the First Row

3 years ago

Pet owners among us know this simple truth — when there’s a pet in the house, there’s always a reason to laugh. They throw judgmental looks at you from underneath glass coffee tables when you’re trying to eat, for example. Or they’ll find the craziest place to take a nap. They’ll even leave their paw prints on the dough you just made before you can blink. And we know you could make this list even longer if you have a cat or a dog.

We love to have a good laugh at our pets’ quirks here at Bright Side, and we want to show you 17 pet pics from Reddit that made us cry with laughter today.

1. “He wants me to throw his frisbee. I don’t have the heart to tell him it’s not there anymore.”

2. “We have 2 types of cats. Their personalities are represented in one picture.”

3. “Every morning he waits until I get up, immediately reclines in the warm spot, then judges me as I get ready.”

4. “Everyone: ’Oh, this cold weather is so nice. My dogs love it.’ My dogs:”

5. “Our new location for this painting did not disappoint.”

6. “Jumped into a pool of mud today. Post bath guilt: 10/10 would do it again!”

7. “I’m a kitchen appliance now. Put food in me.”

8. “My greyhound was snoozing under blankets in her bed but then decided she wanted to look out the kitchen window.”

9. “I made my new kitten a toy.”

10. “These rolls are homemade.”

11. “Hey human, my lower back is a bit tight today. But please don’t apply too much pressure.”

12. “Apparently, the water cooler is the new cat bed.”

13. “Any questions, human?”

14. “I was making ravioli and walked away for 2 minutes!”

15. “Our cat isn’t happy about our door-opening response time...”

16. “My cat likes to sit on this bean bag chair and hang out while I’m gaming. Yes, his feet are dangling, not a care in the world.”

17. “I regret getting a glass coffee table.”

Do you have pets? Do they make your life a whole lot funnier? Share your hilarious pet pics in the comments and let’s have a good laugh together!

Preview photo credit borosillycut_ / Reddit


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