Why Being Single May Be Better Than Being in Love

2 years ago

Society has a lot of stereotypes and prejudices about love. As a result people often feel pressured to stay in a relationship, even if they aren’t satisfied with it, and feel guilty for being single. But don’t forget that you can be alone but not lonely. Being in a committed relationship with yourself actually has many benefits.

We at Bright Side are sure that one of the most important relationships you will ever have is with yourself, and sometimes loneliness is the best option.

1. We are often guilty of singlism.

Research showed that people evaluate single men and women more negatively. It is so common that there’s even a word for it: singlism. Single people face different types of discrimination, and it’s considered legitimate and unproblematic. So the next time someone asks when you’ll find your partner, they are actually invading your privacy.

2. It’s better to learn to be kind to yourself first.

No matter how hard you try, if you don’t love yourself you can’t build a healthy relationship. It’s not a surprise that scientists warn us that self-compassionate partners are more satisfied with their relationships. Self-compassion means that you’re kind and caring toward yourself. On the contrary, people who are in conflict with themselves tend to be controlling, dominating, and judgmental.

3. You can develop more as an individual.

Think about all the time that single people have for themselves. They can try different hobbies, achieve their wildest dreams, or pursue their careers. Don’t believe it? While it’s evident that married men earn more than single men. Single women are 2 times more likely to own a home, than single men.

4. Singles actually have super strong relationships.

There’s a stereotype that single people suffer from loneliness, but this has been proven wrong. The fact that you aren’t in a relationship with anyone means that you are more likely to have stronger bonds with your family and friends. Single people are more likely to socialize, and offer and receive help from family and other people.

5. Chasing love can make your life miserable.

This constant urge makes us embark on a chase to find a significant other. Unfortunately, sometimes that means lowering expectations or giving up important qualities in a possible partner. Love can be addictive, and we may end up leaping from “heart to heart” in a desperate search for a soul mate.

6. Being single will make you healthier and fitter.

An additional bonus for being solo and sassy is the fact that you are likely to be healthier. For example, singles are more likely to have a healthier BMI index, which leads to a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases and fewer chronic conditions.

Bonus: It’s great if your life is already full of love, and you’re ready to love yourself and your partner too.

What do you think about singlism? Do you think that single people can feel calm and happy?


This is a excuse for people who are single and probably wont ever find a partner to continue stay single and not feel sorry for themselves...pathetic
Utter nonsense. Other more scientific studies over the years have proven time and time again that being in a relatiinship contributes sugnificantly to one's longevity (longer life span) among innumerable other benefits. Also, try being single in the age of Covid-19. Even more fun when you add social isolatiion into the equation isn't it? Enjoy having all your chores done by your cat. 🤣

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