A Useful Reason Why Celebs Never Sign Autographs With Blue Ink Pen

6 months ago

A seemingly ordinary video of a celebrity giving autographs has recently become a subject of a heated discussion, all because of one detail. In the video, an actress Claire Foy refused to sign autographs with a blue pen, without explaining a reason behind it. Her action has sparked a debate on social media, and the answer to it turned useful not only for celebrities, but for us, their fans.

An ordinary celebrity video provoked a massive interest among internet users.

A video of an actress Claire Foy refusing to sign autographs with a blue pen has provoked a fierce debate among the users.

The video shows a 39-year-old British actress, who is best known for starring as young Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix drama series The Crown. Claire is doing an absolutely normal thing for all famous people, that is, signing autographs for her fans. But one detail has made the rounds on the internet and left many people totally puzzled.

In the video shared on TikTok, some person offers Foy a piece of paper and a blue pen to sign her name with. But the actress spots the marker’s color, and then she’s saying, “I don’t do blue.”

I am not a fan of signing in black ink. People can make copies and sell it.
Thank you for this opportunity to voice my thoughts.


“What?” the man asks, apparently confused by her reply, as she repeats her statement for him. The actress is then approached by another person holding a black pen and stops near them so that she can sign their paper.

Under the clip, that was shared by user MickMickNYC, the viewers were quick to ask why the actress refused to even touch the blue pen.

The versions of such a weird action were numerous.

“That is the weirdest thing! No blue, wonder what the reason is?”, one person wrote. And then another user said they totally needed to know why the celebrity doesn’t do blue. Some people even thought it was just the rude action of an actress, who didn’t want to sign an autograph for one person, but did it for another one. Many users started accusing the actress of having an enormous ego and were sure the reason for her signing autographs in black, were deeply psychologic.

Some even said that the award-winning actress was being impolite. They insisted that her dismissal of the fan had more to do with her not wanting her autograph to be sold. But then one user came to the thread and the situation became totally clear, and no, that was not something related to Claire’s personal attitude to her fans.

Journalists have contacted Foy for comment. And she even turned out to be not the only one famous person who doesn’t sign in blue ink.

The reason for such a behavior shocked many people with its reasonability.

One user came to the comments and won over 10,000 likes for their comment that explained everything. The reason for Claire’s behavior was that many celebrities and athletes are taught not to do blue ink, because it can then be easily scanned, and the signature may get forged on other things, and then they will be sold.

Another user brought even more clarifications, explaining that blue ink is extremely unsafe as it allows people to transfer signatures easily to other items, and this is why black ink is safer to be used.

There were even more details disclosed on Instagram. One person explained that colored ink autographs get sold for far more money on eBay, etc. Some celebs just don’t want to support a secondary market/exploitation of their brand.

And here’s yet another curious habit of a celebrity, Dolly Parton, that has a shocking explanation.


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