6 Reasons Why Happy Couples Wear Matching Outfits

Birds of a feather flock together, that’s why some couples prefer to have similar “feathers.” It feels like the puzzle is complete when your other half perfectly matches you. So if your significant other ever asks you to put on a matching outfit, don’t refuse — they clearly want to show everyone you’re a couple.

Bright Side explains why this trend is more than just a simple change of clothes.

1. To signify their relationship

One practical reason to match outfits with your other half is to announce that they are, in fact, your special person. It’s a great way to let people know about a relationship, especially a new one. If you have a lot of people to keep in the loop, it gets tiresome quickly. A clever matching outfit is a clue to everyone at once and saves you some social battery.

It’s also a nice way to demonstrate unity. Syncing styles can show that a couple loves to do everything together. Whether their outfits are exact mirrors, or nicely complementing contrasts, they’re comfortable with being seen as one whole.

2. To make travel or safety arrangements

Couples’ trips are a lot of fun, but they can also be quite stressful if you get separated. It can even be dangerous if one of the partners is more vulnerable, like if they’re elderly, disabled, easily confused, don’t speak the local language, etc.

Matching clothes is an obvious signal to each other and those around you, including venue employees and police officers. Imagine you see someone in a shirt that says, “If I look lost, bring me to Kelly.” You’d automatically start looking for a person in a matching shirt that says, “I’m Kelly.”

3. To stand out at events

This is something that our favorite celebs have down pat. The first thing people will notice when you arrive at an event is your look. The second is how well your look goes with your partner’s. For a couple in the public eye, this is often an important publicity moment.

Non-celebrities play this game too. Just consider all the couples’ costume options for Halloween, or coordinated funny sweaters for holiday parties. We all care how people see us, and matching outfits at events is an effective way of attracting attention.

4. To make an announcement

A couple’s life can contain a bunch of important milestones, like an engagement, a wedding, a new baby (either a tiny human or the fluffy, furry kind), or overcoming a great life challenge together. These are all special moments that deserve to be shouted from the rooftops.

However, nobody wants a noise complaint, so T-shirts with witty prints are usually the next best thing. A couple can announce important milestones, showcase their attitude and humor, have a super fun photoshoot, and reaffirm that they’re in this together, all in one fell swoop.

5. To have some casual fun

Matching outfits with your partner is just a fun bonding activity. You can go for casual tees with silly prints, or choose formal gowns and suits that are somehow special to you.

Whether the clothes are an inside joke, a discreet nod of appreciation for each other’s hobbies and careers, or just a shared favorite color, coordinated outfits are a great way to make each other smile even when you have to be serious and buttoned-up in front of others.

6. To (unconsciously) boost their bond

Events and announcements call for strategic fashion statements, but sometimes couples coordinate their clothes without meaning to. It’s a subconscious closeness strategy: we want to mirror the person we’re with.

Some people might not match their clothes 100%, but they’ll wear the same color palettes, similar styles, or the same kinds of accessories, especially around each other. They might even share some clothing items because they’re just that close. Boyfriend hoodies, anyone?

Do you and your significant other ever coordinate outfits? Tell us about some of your favorite couple looks in the comments.


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