Why Do Cats Suddenly Stare at the Walls, Nothing, or Space

4 years ago

Cats are, indeed, mysterious creatures. Many cat owners notice that sometimes they stare at a specific place and can’t understand why. There are some strange theories about the supernatural powers of cats, however, it’s always better to stick to science.

We at Bright Side are also very curious to know the reason behind this behavior, and we’ve found some possible explanations to share with you.

Cats have amazing vision.

They always notice the tiniest things, like a small spider or a shadow on the wall. This can seem insignificant to a human, but cats have different sensory perceptions. Additionally, cats can see some wavelengths of light, like ultraviolet, that are invisible to humans, as a study suggests. That’s why when they suddenly start looking at something, you shouldn’t be scared — they can just see more than you.

Cats can hear things that humans can’t.

These little creatures also have much better hearing, not only compared to humans, but to other mammals as well. For example, a dog’s hearing range is around 67 Hz to 45 kHz, while a cat’s is anywhere from 48 Hz up to 85 kHz. This helps cats detect even the slightest noise, like stirring grass or gurgling water. So if they’re staring at your wall, maybe there’s some problem with the pipes or perhaps some insects have settled in there.

They’re trying to figure something out.

Cats’ brains have been a very interesting subject for research for a long time now. And even though scientists don’t understand it completely, it’s been found out that cats have episodic memory just like humans, and are able to retrieve and utilize both “what” and “where” information from a single experience.
Cats are very curious, and when they are focusing at something for a long time, it may be a sign that they are trying to figure something out. Like where the source of noise or light is coming from. And, of course, they try to detect any danger as well.

It may be a sign of a medical condition.

A condition called hyperesthesia is a type of abnormal behavior in cats. Its symptoms include sudden tail twitching, pupil enlargement, loud meowing, being extremely focused on something, and uncontrolled urination. Causes of this condition are not very clear and may include stress and seizures. If you notice something like this in your cat, consult a vet right away.

What strange things does your cat do? Share some pictures with us in the comment section!


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I remember long time ago I read somewhere that animals can feel ghosts and if they do they would stare at them.

Since people don't see or feel ghosts we would think that our pet stares in the empty space

So very time my cat stood just staring like this I freaked out ?


Interesting. Never thought cats could be this singular.


I personally think the world need to put the people in jail if they kill any kind of animal and the world should start promoting vegan lifestyle meat eating is just outdated norm and we should be more advance by now.


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