Why More and More People Choose to Walk Barefoot in Public

2 years ago

Grounding, earthing, or simply barefooting. Whatever you want to call it, it’s getting more and more popular among people who live in cities. It comes as no surprise because it’s healthy, unusual, and absolutely free. So this time there are no more excuses to not go out for a walk or a run, just go barefoot — it’s as simple as that!

Bright Side explains why taking off your shoes is good for your body and mind.

It can fix your flat feet.

Barefoot walking is an effective and natural way to prevent flat-footedness. It brings even more benefits when you walk without shoes on the beach, the grass, or an uneven surface. It’s believed that flat surfaces or incorrect shoes are the biggest contributors to foot muscle weakness.

Besides, barefoot running can also increase the height of your arch. The more you walk barefoot, the stronger your foot muscles get.

It can benefit your organs.

The thicker your blood is, the more likely you are to develop a cardiovascular disease. However, if you go barefoot you don’t have to worry about this. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, barefoot walking reduces blood viscosity.

What’s more, walking barefoot helps with brain development, especially when it comes to children. Besides, your bones get stronger, and many acupressure points can relieve kidney and liver conditions.

It can save you from radiation.

Even a simple connection to the Earth is enough to balance ourselves out. The secret lies in the Earth’s natural electric charge which stabilizes your inner levels. The electrons from the Earth remove the “dirty” electricity from our bodies and bring peace to our minds.

It can improve your eyesight.

There are lots of pressure points that can help relieve pain and even disease. While walking without your shoes on the grass, you put pressure on certain points which in turn affects your well-being. When you take a step, the pressure is on the first, second, and third toes. These exact points are responsible for improving your eyesight.

It can provide vitamin D.

When you walk barefoot your skin is more exposed to the sun. It’s especially beneficial to walk without shoes on the grass in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun’s rays are not that strong.

It can improve your posture.

If you always wear shoes the stabilizing muscles in your feet lose their strength. As a result, you get a bunch of accompanying diseases, one of which is poor posture. Pressure at certain points on the soles of your feet, as well as temperatures and textures, do wonders for your posture.

It can improve memory.

According to a study published by UNF, just 16 minutes of barefoot running improved people’s memory by 16%. Overall 72 people who were aged 18-44 took part in the experiment. It turned out that those who were running in shoes didn’t show any changes in their memory performance. The reason for this is because barefoot walking forces you to take your steps carefully.

It can combat headaches.

Walking without your shoes can alleviate headaches. It’s believed that migraines occur due to prolonged contact with radiation. Luckily, grounding decreases free radicals and, as a result, lessens headache symptoms.

It can reduce back pain.

Pretty often it is shoes that give us aches and pains. An expert says that your favorite high-heels can actually force your pelvis to tilt forward, which later ends up causing back pain. So when you walk barefoot, not only do you strengthen your foot muscles but you also fix your posture and gait. Sometime later you may notice that your body adjusts its alignment back to normal because it’s not dependent on shoes anymore.

Do you walk barefoot in public? Do you think it’s safe?

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