Why Some Women Give Birth Only to Boys or Only to Girls, According to Science

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2 years ago

While the number of men and women has been almost the same, families who have kids of only one gender always leave people wondering why this happens. 60% of parents in the US have more than one child, and many people are scratching their heads about why they have multiple children of the same gender and how they can possibly have a boy or a girl.

We at Bright Side were curious about the reason behind this phenomenon and if a family who had only boys or only girls for generations could give birth to a kid of another gender.

1. It’s impossible to have an undiscovered “daughter” or “son” gene.

While most families have an imbalanced sex ratio, other parents can’t conceive boys or girls, and some even believe that girl or boy genes “run the family.” But researchers still haven’t found any shred of evidence that proves if some families can have only males or females because of their genes. At some point, scientists might change their opinion, but as for now, there’s no way your family’s genes can have an effect on whether you’ll have kids of only one gender.

2. Gender is determined by the father.

While some people believe that a child’s gender depends on the mother because she’s the one that carries it, in reality, it’s in the father’s hands. Since sperm carries chromosomes for both genders, some spermatozoa carry X chromosomes for girls, while others carry Y chromosomes for boys. While a woman carries 2 X chromosomes, the gender of a newborn depends on which spermatozoon (X or Y) enters the female egg.

3. In times of stress, female babies are more common.

However, scientists have found some factors that might influence gender. It has been proven that after stressful times, like natural disasters, the sex ratio will change, having more newborn girls. It might be due to the stress future mothers have been exposed to.

4. Eating specific food may lead to higher chances of having a girl.

It’s been proven that eating certain foods increases the chances of conceiving a girl. For example, cutting down on salt and eating plenty of dairy products might increase the chances of having a baby girl. On the other hand, mothers whose diets are full of food rich in sodium and potassium are more likely to give birth to boys.

5. Usually if a mother has kids of only one gender, it’s just a coincidence.

It’s known for sure that gender balance has stayed the same for centuries, and there are no aspects that can significantly change it. Families who have many kids of the same gender are rare but can be explained statistically. Each child has a 50% chance of being a boy or a girl. So, for example, for 3 children, the chance of all of them being male is: 0.5 X 0.5 X 0.5 = 0.125, or 12.5%.

Do you know any families that have only sons or only daughters? If you want to have your own kids, do you have any gender preferences?


this is all bs...I was married to a man for 7 years that beat me almost on a daily basis, so I was stressed all the time, had three sons, then I finally get a way from him, and the next three women he knocks up all have daughters...so if it is in his genes how come sons with me and daughters with everyone else? I call bs for sure on this "this science"...lol

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