Why Sphynx Cats Went Bald and How They Managed to Find Fans All Around the World

2 years ago

When we hear the word “cat,” we likely imagine a cute fluffy creature. But there are people who adore bald and wrinkly cats — called Sphynx. Many people love this breed, but there are also those who can’t stand these strange animals.

Bright Side has looked closer at these hairless cats and learned more about them to find out what attracts us to these animals.

Sphynxes were homeless cats.

  • The story of the appearance of this breed is very interesting. Today, they are cats who wear clothes to keep warm. The owners of Sphynx cats spend a lot of money to buy them special food. But the absurd thing is that the first Sphynx cats were not that picky in terms of food, they would roam around barns, lived on farms, and walked around generally on their own.
  • The first recorded Sphynx was just a kitten, which lived by itself on a farm in Minnesota. These kittens were born quite often there in the 1970s.
  • The first attempts to breed sphynxes were done in Toronto in the 1960s. That’s why Sphynx cats are sometimes called Canadian. At that time, a kitten named Prune was born to a black and white domestic short-haired cat. Afterward, people interested in developing a new breed started to crossbreed their cats to get the Sphynx cat.

Dog manners

  • If you don’t understand why people from different countries like bald cats so much, you need to know that these animals have certain unique things about their behavior. They often behave like dogs — meeting their owners at the doorstep and feeling happy when they see their owners.
  • Sphynx cats are known for their extroverted behavior. They are curious, energetic, and smart. They are attached to their owners like dogs. They like human attention, cuddling, and games.

Bald cats require extra care.

“Kiara sitting on her favorite lamp as per usual”

  • No fur means no issues. That’s a misnomer about Sphynx cats. It’s all because sebum, which is usually absorbed into the coat, accumulates on the skin in Sphynxes. These cats should be washed about 1 time a week, being sure to clean every fold thoroughly.
  • In summer, the skin of these cats can easily get sunburned and in the cold season, sphynx cats can easily get too cold.
  • Many people think that Sphynx cats are good for those who are allergic to cats. However, oftentimes allergic reactions appear because of saliva or secretions of the sebaceous glands, not the fur.
  • The unusual appearance of Sphynx cats makes them look like aliens, and below you’ll find some evidence.

“World, please meet my 13-week old kitten, Axel. He’s magic.”

“Our lovely bambina had a litter of 8 babies 3 days ago. How all of them lived in her belly for 2 months is still a mystery.”

“Tucked him in but he drags his blankie to wait by the food dispenser when it gets close to feeding time.”

“He’s a free elf now!”

Stove Gargoyles

“He’s the most photogenic cat I’ve ever had.”

It’s like some man laying on a sun lounger by a pool.

“Walter’s new favorite place to chill.”

“He waits for me to take clothes out before hopping in. He likes to sit on the warm metal I guess.”

“Look at my wrinkles.”

“Look at this distinguished gentleman!”

“Nothing to see here, just a whole raw chicken.”

“Meet Beelzebub!! He cries if I am more than 5 inches away.”

How do you relate to Sphynx cats? Closer to “wow” or “yikes”?

Preview photo credit Stephaniefen / Reddit


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