Why Women Are More Attracted to Gloomy Men

2 years ago

You meet a man with a dark and brooding look and immediately feel that there is something special and mysterious about him. Even science confirms that smiling guys attract women less. But it’s time to find out why this happens.

We at Bright Side got curious about why a man who smiles less on a date has more chances among women, and we’d like to share some conclusions that researchers have made.

Women and men perceive attractiveness differently.

We have some gender differences in how men and women rank physical attractiveness. Researchers have checked non-verbal expressions and made the conclusion that a smiling man can be less charming than a guy who shows pride or even shame.

A woman’s response to a smile can be different from a man’s response. In the study, there were 1,000 adults who ranked photos according to physical attractiveness, and men preferred women who displayed smiles.

The situation looked different with women. It was crucial that participants weren’t asked if they thought this man would make a good boyfriend or husband. The researchers needed their gut reactions without analyzing who could have the best traits for a relationship.

When women stopped thinking about nice personality traits, their first instinct was to pick a guy who looked powerful and gloomy.

Women prefer bad boys because of evolutionary and cultural forces.

The power of attractiveness has been shaped over the centuries. Evolution and cultural aspects have an influence on it. Theories suggest that women are attracted more to guys who display pride because it implies status and an ability to provide for a partner.

According to researchers, the pride expression is a typically masculine physical feature. And muscularity is one of the most attractive male physical characteristics for women.

Also, some socio-cultural and psychological gender norms can influence attractiveness. Smiling can be associated with a lack of dominance. A smiling woman is perceived as submissive and vulnerable. A silent guy can be considered strong.

It’s interesting that shame also looked attractive to both genders. This emotion can be associated with appeasing behavior, which evokes trust in others. And everyone likes to trust their partners.

Men with dark personality traits may present themselves better.

Men with dark personality traits in their faces can perform better. Qualities such as narcissism can be associated with physical and psychological health benefits in men.

Men with Machiavellianism (the exploitation and manipulation of others and a focus on self-interest) were also more attractive for women, as researchers noticed. But still, this quality is associated less with reproductive success.

What physical traits attract you more? Would you prefer a serious guy or a smiling guy at first glance?


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men who look gloomy, are extremely unattractive to me! I don't want someone who looks depressed. Gloomy to me is a gray and cloudy day! I don't perceive people as "GLOOMY"!!


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