Widow and Widower With 11 Kids Fall in Love, Proving Light Always Shines After Darkness

We cannot escape what destiny has prepared for us, the good and the bad. And when Erica, 35, lost her first husband, she and her kids had to gather their strength, face their harsh reality, and trust that a brighter future was waiting for them. And their path was indeed illuminated again when she met Spencer. Today they are parents to 11 kids, and they prove that appreciating our present without forgetting to cherish our past is the secret to a healthy life.

Bright Side wants to share the story of this wonderful blended family with you that shows us we should never give up on happiness, no matter what.

Just a few years earlier, Erica would’ve never imagined she would be sitting for this family portrait, standing next to her second husband and their blended family of 11 kids. And even though they were blessed with a wonderful reason to smile again, this beautiful big family had to face and overcome one of life’s deepest sorrows.

In 2016, Erica lost her beloved husband Tony, who was 31, after 8 years of bravely fighting a disease. He was her best friend, her husband, and the father of their 7 children. In fact, at the time, Erica was still pregnant with their last child. And 4 months later, she gave birth to a strong and healthy baby boy, who she named Caleb.

As the months passed, Erica’s young family gave her the strength, purpose, and motivation to carry on even though the memory of her adored husband Tony never left her. She found true joy in caring for each of her children. And each day she woke up looking forward to taking another step in this world right beside them.

By throwing herself into motherhood, she felt fulfilled by where she was standing in her life. She even became happy once again and accepted her present situation.

And about a year after her loss, Erica’s friends were finally able to convince her, after months of persistence, to join a singles event. This is how she became a member of an online support group for young widows and met Spencer, the new man who would soon change her life.

In fact, this young father had also experienced a similar story of grief. He had unexpectedly lost his wife and was left alone to raise his 4 children.

But dating, let alone getting married again, was far from Erica’s plans for the future. However, she very quickly felt at ease with Spencer and spent long hours chatting with him. She admitted, “Spencer and I connect on such a deep spiritual level. It’s almost like we’d been friends for years, and we hadn’t even met in person yet.”

After 5 months of speaking online, the pair were finally able to meet, and their face-to-face bond felt even stronger. When she met him in person, Erica noticed that the young father was ’’mild-mannered and kind and complimentary, and very good-looking.’’

Clearly the feelings were mutual, as Spencer expressed his desire to date her, but the mother of 7 wasn’t ready yet and preferred to stay friends instead.

A few months passed, and their kids also became close, especially their 2 oldest boys, who were both 10-years-old. And their parents’ bond even grew tighter with time.

Erica acknowledged that she felt that same “enriching, deep connection you only feel with a spouse” with Spencer. And, when she looked into his eyes, she sensed the same comforting emotion of being “at home” just as she did with Tony. This is when Erica understood that they should be together.

She opened up to Spencer, and he was ecstatic to finally hear those words. It seemed that destiny had brought them together to give love another chance.

And on a “bright and cold winter day,” the lovely couple tied the knot. The big day was filled with joy and the cheerful dancing of their 11 kids, ages 2 to 10.

Today, after more than 3 years since their union, Erica describes the love in their family as ’’strong, unique, healing, and even magical.’’

The happy 35-year-old notes, ’’My once shattered heart from the loss of Tony not only healed, but it grew larger than I could ever imagine.’’ She explains that Spencer and Tony don’t each own half of her soul. But that she loves each one of them “COMPLETELY, in a beautiful way.”

When she looks back at her journey, the mama says that it has ’’enriched her family with an appreciation for the present and a reverence for the past.’’

What do you think of Erica’s and Spencer’s life story and their blended family? Do you agree that our heart can love deeply more than once?


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