With the Help of Improvised Materials, a Guy From Thailand Can Turn Into Anyone He Wants

3 years ago

It takes a lot of time and money to make a good cosplay costume: it requires a wig, clothes, makeup, and many other things. But one guy from Thailand challenges expectations and stereotypes by proving that creativity comes first. Anucha "Cha" Saengchart knows how to turn into a White Walker with the help of lollipops and how to become Spock without even leaving the bathroom!

Bright Side is convinced that creativity is boundless, especially after seeing Anucha's complete transformations.

15. Chicken drumsticks become boxing gloves

14. Stop dreaming about laser glasses if you have a lighter.

13. The most satisfying costume ever

12. Sometimes you need just one part of your body to cosplay.

11. Anyone can turn into Spock without even having to leave the bathroom!

10. A superhero that saves us from hot weather

9. Everyone has this tool - but only Anucha knows what to do with it.

8. Future technology isn't that complicated.

7. Buzz Lightyear and a bubble

6. He nailed it.

5. An interesting way to use chicken claws.

4. For those who don't want to grow up

3. Use your cat if you have one.

2. This is how Anucha uses CDs in 2018.

1. To turn into a White Walker, you'll need a cat, 2 blue lollipops, and multiple keyboards.

You can enjoy all of Anucha's costumes on his Facebook. Which of the transformations did you like the most?

Preview photo credit Lowcostcosplay/facebook


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