Woman, 55, Says Other Women Hate Her Because of Her Beauty

7 months ago

While some of us may want just a little bit more of self-confidence to be able to make new friends and maintain romantic relationship, one woman would probably want to have less of it. Fran Sawyer, 55, claims that she’s cursed with beauty, and her image is so intimidating that it creates many obstacles on her way to a happy life. The woman is sure that people, especially other women, avoid being around her because of her beauty and a huge amount of confidence.

Being beautiful turned out to be a real curse for Fran.

Fran Sawyer is a 55-year-old mum from Basingstoke, and her life would have been just a normal one, had it not been for her appearance that she believes is somehow “the root of all evil” for her. The woman believes she cannot make female friends, because her beauty is her curse.

Friendships with women are the hardest thing for Fran, and she has never been invited to a wedding in her life. She often gets scowled at while doing the school run, and the 55-year-old woman claims it’s all due to her glamorous looks. She has so much confidence, and this trait doesn’t always play a good role in her relationship with women. She says, “Women just judge me, everyone judges me.” Fran believes she gets so much judgement from people of the same sex, because she looks glamorous, and when one looks that way, life becomes really hard as a person just wants to be liked, but they’ll never be.

The woman strongly believes that people, who worry about her appearance, simply have no confidence in themselves. But she makes an effort with other women, tries to make friends with them, but always fails. The last straw was when she was told to move away from the school gates by her son’s teacher. She claims it was all because she was “upsetting the ladies” with her presence.

Finding love is also extremely hard for the woman.

Fran Sawyer, who’s a quite sociable person, hasn’t only been struggling with women. Bad luck follows her literally everywhere, even in her love life. She’s been looking for love and a good relationship with a decent man, but she is totally struggling to find it. She attracts the younger men and putting off older ones. Seems like only younger people are interested in her ageless looks.

The brunette beauty, who’s a former model, insists that social media and dating apps are to blame for the fact that she can’t find her true love and her Mr Right. She says, “I went on Hinge and Bumble and all I find is 18 and 21-year-olds asking me out.” She thinks that social media have killed true romance where people are actually supposed to fall in love. But she doesn’t lose hope for the best, believing that love conquers all.

Fran decided to make a move that not many people expected from her.

Being a mum-of-two, Fran has recently impressed a lot of people with her generous and kind-hearted gesture. The woman used her beauty for doing a really good deed. The woman now claims that she is “beauty and brains”, because she raised £100,000 for charity by selling her selfies to admirers.

And it’s not the end of the story, as now Fran has patented a dressing design for stoma patients, that has already been launched in the UK and Australia. The new dressing will help save money in the NHS budget because it does not need to be replaced half as many times. Fran was inspired into this action by her own son’s condition and the woman has since won an immense gratitude and praise from medical professionals, despite having no medical education.

And here’s a story of another woman who takes the maximum out from her ageless looks and goes on double dates with her daughter.

Preview photo credit Frances Sawyer / Facebook


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