You Can Now Buy Succulent Pillows to “Plant” a Garden Right in Your Room

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We all dream of having a lot of plants at home, but unfortunately, not everyone has a green thumb. Now, thanks to a company called Green Philosophy Co., you can not only have an entire garden right on your couch, but you can also hug these plush pillows at any time.

We at Bright Side believe that these cuddly succulent pillows might be the perfect decor piece for all plant lovers, so let us tell you a little bit about them.

According to Green Philosophy Co., when you are surrounded by plants and nature-related things, it creates an atmosphere that might inspire you and help you relax. That’s why they’ve designed succulent plush pillows that’ll add a unique pop to any room, nursery, or even to your furniture, and make an adorable accent to any space.

The pillows are about 15-16 inches wide and about 8 inches tall when laid flat. They’re stuffed with 100% polyester and covered with super-soft microplush which makes them comfortable to use. Each petal of the pillow is hand-sewn.

The pillows come in a warm olive green color or a lighter sage green tone. And, unlike real plants, they don’t need any maintenance or watering, just a lot of cuddles!

The succulent pillows can also be great headrests because they don’t get flattened like typical pillows.

If you want to have a huggable plant pillow, you can buy one in sage green, olive green or blush peach on their official website for $37, or on Amazon. They can also be the perfect gift for those who love plants, gardening, and succulents in particular.

Would you like to have one of these pillows in your house? Or maybe you already have other cool-shaped pillows? If so, show them to us in the comments!


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