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20+ Unique Tattoos That Hide Personal Backstories Behind Them

“A tattoo is something permanent when you’ve made a self-discovery or something you’ve come to a conclusion about,” Angelina Jolie once said. When making an appointment with a tattoo artist, we may have various goals: to get more individuality, immortalize something, or conceal an imperfection. Still, most paintings on our bodies can represent a certain chapter in our lives and serve as a reflection of our inner world.

We at Bright Side like to find unique and original tattoos. And even more so, we like to learn the stories hiding behind these images and share them with our readers.

1. “I had a tattoo done for each one of my fur babies and 1 to grow on.”

2. “This is my first tattoo that is helping me to overcome my anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.”

3. “A reminder that life is constantly in motion and that I also need to keep moving forward and progressing in all areas of my life”

4. “This is a fragment of a puzzle from 1973 that I used to put together with my grandmother when I was young.”

5. “A tattoo for my fiancé who proposed to me in Fern Canyon”

6. “My first tattoo! It’s a clarinet designed by my father.”

7. “In memory of my childhood best friend, couldn’t be happier.”

8. “Got my first tattoo yesterday. It’s from my favorite movie franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean. I’ve wanted it since my early teen years, and now I’m 21 and finally got it.”

9. “My coworker’s tattoo lines up perfectly, even when their arm is bent.”

10. This tattoo depicts all The Simpsons family members.

11. “Been drawing this guy since I was 12. Never thought I’d live to 18 to get him tattooed.”

12. “My grandma called me Peaches growing up!”

13. “Got adopted at 22. My new mom, sister, and I got matching tattoos today.”

14. “A tattoo of my parents on their honeymoon”

15. “My nana, not letting the bastards get her down”

16. “My tattoo represents my husband and me.”

17. “Tattooed a quote from Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space.

18. “Got a The Simpsons style tattoo of my family.”

19. “My husband and I got matching tattoos. All the moons represent a different day in our relationship. The bottom is our first kiss, the middle is his proposal, and the top is our wedding day.”

20. “My dog who passed away and me”

21. “I got a modernized version of the tattoo my grandfather got during World War II.”

22. “Cut ties with all the lies that you’ve been living in.”

23. “My new The Simpsons tattoo for my late father”

24. “A reverse image of my wife’s pregnant bust as mountains, with stars for my kids”

Which tattoo touched and impressed you most? What stories hide behind your tattoos if you have any?

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