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A Dad Recreates His Kids’ Drawings in Photoshop, and It’s Created a Crazy World We’d Love to Visit

Kids perceive the world a bit differently than adults, and parents try to save the little masterpieces created by their children to see things through their eyes. But Tom Curtis, the father of Al and Dom and the author of the project, Things I Have Drawn, decided to go further and turned his children’s drawings into hilarious yet very realistic pictures with the help of Photoshop. These works transport us into a magical, crazy world full of animals we’d love to see in real life.

We at Bright Side couldn’t stop laughing at these literal interpretations of children’s creations and admired the creativity of Tom’s kids. That being said, we suggest you dive into this authentic world from kids’ dreams with us.

Curtis started Things I Have Drawn in 2016 when he noticed interesting details in his children’s drawings.

His older son, Dom, was 6 years old at the time, and his drawings became the inspiration for Tom’s work.

Tom shares that he always loved Dom’s drawings and he thought it’d be cool to bring them to life.

He wondered how the world would look if these creatures really existed.

At first, Tom thought that these Photoshopped animals would turn out creepy.

But Dom drew a lot of happy and cute animals.

Dom’s younger brother, Alistar, who was only 3 when the project started, also contributed some work.

The project became popular quite unexpectedly. Tom just posted one of their early creations on Reddit and it went viral.

Tom and his sons have become an Instagram sensation with more than 670,000 followers.

They released a book called Things I Have Drawn: At the Zoo that was inspired by the animals Tom and his sons saw at the zoo near their house.

Curtis even collaborated with Gucci, and the fashion house used some of his works in their Instagram Stories for the Fall Winter 2020 men’s show.

Tom believes that drawing is natural for kids.

That’s why they should be encouraged not to give up and to keep on expressing themselves.

This half-emu, half-turkey is one of Tom’s favorite creations because it was so much fun to interpret.

Tom always asks his kids to give him more details about their drawings.

Tom uses his own photos and stock pictures to recreate his children’s drawings.

Today, Tom’s kids are 11 and 8, so their drawings aren’t as childish and naive as they used to be.

So Curtis often uses other children’s drawings to keep creating the world from kids’ fantasies.

Besides being a father of 2 and running this project, Tom also has a full-time job at a media agency in London.

Which picture did you find to be the most hilarious and authentic? Do you have a favorite drawing that your child has created? Feel free to share these little masterpieces with us in the comments.