Think This Is Just a Dancing Couple? Take a Closer Look — You’ll Be Amazed!

Master of optical illusions Oleg Shupliak takes painting very seriously. After all, in order to make sense of an image's numerous references and ideas, one must scrutinize it very carefully. Sometimes you even have to change your position and see it from a different angle to fully appreciate it.

We at Bright Side just can't walk on by when we see Oleg's art, and we highly recommend you take the time to discover all the surprises he's prepared for you.

Dancing Renoir

Two little birds

A windy day / Claude Monet

A forest song

Newton in the garden of ideas

Anna Karenina

Foolishness and genius

In the theatre's rafters


Van Gogh double portrait

A gentleman's daughter

Leda and Zeus

Soul and song

A highly original self-portrait

Preview photo credit Oleg Shupliak
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