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15+ Inventions That Will Make Your Home More Comfortable Than Ever Before

Usually, when we spend time at home, we yearn for comfort, and without certain inventions, living a cozy life isn’t all that easy. For example, a sleeping robot that reduces stress and anxiety so we can sleep better or a simple electric peeler that makes peeling fruits or potatoes far easier are just some of the many interesting inventions out there that make us feel more relaxed at home.

Bright Side strives to make your world brighter, so we decided to share some cool inventions that can make you feel oh-so-comfortable and cozy at home.

1. A shower that has a footrest to make shaving more comfortable

2. A sleeping robot that helps reduce stress and anxiety so you can fall asleep faster

3. A hands-free toilet seat lifter

4. For easy and safe slicing

5. A 360-degree brush for washing your glasses and mugs

6. A multipurpose caddy

7. A knife that warms and spreads butter

8. This smart container lets you know when your food is about to expire.

9. An automatic plant-watering device

10. A foot scrubber to scrub, exfoliate, and massage your feet

11. An electric peeler for fruits and potatoes

12. A smart blanket that keeps you warm during winter and cools you during summer

13. A perfect scalp massager to shampoo your hair

14. An odor-resistant silicone scrub sponge for your dishes

15. Drill brushes for powerful scrubbing!

16. A smart mug that sets whatever you’re drinking to your desired temperature

17. An automatic trash can that opens and closes itself

18. A device that stops pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

19. A handheld portable toaster

Do you have more ideas on how we can make living at home comfier and cozier? We’d be grateful if you’d share them with our community.

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